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You were not created to live depressed, 




YOU WERE THE “VICTIM” of  Child Pedophile 

You were born to be VICTORIOUS!



Far outside the doors of church is probably not the best place to offer comment on church leadership. Having fallen into a rhythm of life that doesn’t include regular participation within a Christian community, I’m not certain that there’s much to say about man made relgion. 
Forgive me for any words that wound. I know how easy it is to snipe from the sidelines without rolling up my sleeves and getting involved. I offer them simply as personal reflection on my own failings and temptations and as a result of my own experience and journey.

As I’ve become accustomed to researching about the church, and in more recent times about practices within the denominations which ordain, I think I’ve come to recognise and accept that for many, the need for one who ‘stands in the gap’ on their behalf is incredibly important. By this, I mean the human face representing the unseen, the one who breaks bread, the one who offers absolution, the one who counsels and comforts, the one in whom trust can be placed.

Belief requires of us leaps into the unknown – church leaders provide for us (at their best) guides and fellow pilgrims in this journey we’re all invited into.

We must, however, seek to resist any system in which power is a prize to be sought, authority a tool to be abused, and control is sought over the smallest of details. What any organisation needs to thrive is the kind of leader who knows when to get out of the way and to equip their people to fulfil their potential.

When I glimpse through church doors where a small number of people stand at the front acting out some kind of dramatic performance, I worry about the disempowering nature of what’s going on. I struggle to reconcile this with the picture the gospels paints of a leader who tells us that the first shall last and the last first.

I worry about church systems that turn congregations into church, and values only the gifts of those who fit the bill. I know that many of those involved take seriously their responsibility in helping others to encounter God, but wonder whether at times it might be that the congregation end up trapped in some kind of voyeuristic loop, peeking into the leader’s personal spiritual experience, feeding off their charisma and encounter.

When those who lead congregations are willing to be vulnerable (that word again), to be human, to share their doubts as well as their certainties, when they’re willing to step aside to see others flourish, when they’re willing to sit in silence with those who suffer rather than offering trite words of comfort…then perhaps that’s when leadership really means something.

Those who can hold together diverse communities, acknowledging the importance of different voices are those who get it – those for whom values of inclusion, relationship and conversation are more important than doctrine, hierarchy and orthodoxy.

No church can be perfect, no leader either. I know this is truth. But those in leadership who help us to ask good questions are much more helpful than those who try to give us good answers, after all.

The easy path is the path of Truth. The only thing is, you don’t always know what Truth is. Sometimes there are just too many things for you to evaluate, and so you evaluate too much.

It is good to look at Truth more than you look at what is Right. What is right is more complicated, because you have to consider right in whose eyes, and from which view, and what is right right now or righter down the line.

Truth is immediate. It is its own path. It does not have to follow a line of reasoning. It cannot. Your considerations of what may transpire after you choose what you like to hope is Truth is not the precursor nor evidence of Truth. It may well be evidence of expediency.

Truth does not play odds. Truth is what it is. Truth is not a standard that the world holds up for you to follow. Truth is your own heart’s core. Truth does not dawn after great thought. Truth does not require thought. Truth is following your own heart without cogitation about it. Truth certainly does not dawn through thoughts of profit or loss.

Being out of your own Truth is a habit. It was foisted onto you, and you adopted it. That which is adopted is not Truth. There are no slogans for Truth. Truth does not exist within a vacuum. It cannot be isolated. Truth is that which is sturdily and truthfully in your own heart, and everything else has gotten out of the way of it. Oh, the bare Truth.

What is right and nice is not always Truth. What is smart is not always Truth.

Is honesty Truth? Is being upright and of great character Truth? Yes, when it is. No, when it is not.

The only Truth of count is Love, and yet Love is not always seen nor felt, given nor received. Sometimes love is numb. But take to heart, Beloveds, that which is not Love, that which does not come from Love, that which is opposed to love, that which would portray itself as Love and yet not be Love, that which looks like love but from which Love is vacant — is false. Love is True, and Love is never false.

Love and Truth do not calculate. You can not be advised of Love. No one can counsel you in it. All you can do is let it be. Remove any cover-up of love, and love will be clearly sitting beneath it all. It was there all the time but not revealed. Not even revealed to the holder of it. Be a beholder of love in your heart and in the world. Bring love forth.

What is there that Truth cannot heal? There cannot be too much love, and yet you have not seen enough. And yet Truth and Love are everywhere, so how is it that they are not seen and heralded more?

If love were advertised in the world the way plastic surgery is, who would be swayed from love? Where is truth in advertising?

Is Love a drug? It outdistances any drug. No drug has the vibration of Love. But you have the vibration of love, and you can vibrate it. You can be a Light Tower of love because, in Truth, you are. You can beacon ships away from crags, and you can beacon other hearts to yours and therefore to the Truth of their own Light Tower.

Anything less than love is away from Love. Anything less than Love is away from its own Truth. The Truth of you is Love. Fight it no longer. Concede. You cannot outdo

Mim x

I was the type of person that held on to things to tight

Looking through the glass case

Watching the world race on

Didn’t anyone care what happened to me

Unable to release my grip and although it gave me blisters

And my fingers would ache

I always thought hanging on was worth the pain

I lost part of me too

Then slowly I became no one!

Not important!

And not everything you lose is ever worth the cost

It won’t last

But what you never get back is feeling TRUST

The damage never heals

Then one day something happened

another door opened I suddenly realised

I was unique, worthy

I saw through my glass case the perfect

Vision of myself in another soul

My reward “CUT DIAMOND”


Found a discarded photograph by the side of the road

Yellowed by time, its shadows whispered a story

Frayed edges framed tattered dreams in black and white

A packed suitcase on a perfectly made bed beneath that cracked window

Yellowed by time, its shadows whispered a story

A simple wedding band there on the pillow

next to a one-way bus ticket out of town

Frayed edges framed tattered dreams in black and white

this picture captured the image of a man just outside

sitting on a porch with his head in his heads

A packed suitcase on a perfectly made bed beneath that cracked window

Her plans were made, this woman who no longer needed shadows of my past

Mim x


Fall in love, let it be to a friend.
Someone who can see all the joy and the laughter you have and just by who they are, help you to find that place within you. Life is too short to live unloved. But you have to be strong so find someone who you can live without but you can’t resist.
Someone who sees all the pain and the scars and your darkness but can stand with you in midst of a storm. Darkness comes from you or him or just from the heartache and unanswered questions of the world so find a man who can overcome his own darkness and hold you when you need to be held.
Find a man who can forgive because he’s made his own mistakes but who’s not afraid to say he’s sorry.  Cherish him only if he drives you pursue greater heights, he makes you crazy, and he ignites all of your passion.
Let your love be a river, steady and calm yet still raging and deep. Then you’ll have found a love that holds true when it breaks upon the rocks, that carries you when you jump from its heights, and that sustains you through your soul . Mim x