Love is not complicated. Love is simple. It’s just what it is. It needs no explanation. Love is love, or it is not. Your undeniable truth is love. Yet you deny it. You look for dross when all the while gold shines in your heart. The same gold lies in all hearts, yet the world does much to belie love, as if it were a secret to be shunted away, or a surprise, or a fanciness called out once in a while for display. So while love is championed and songs written about it, it is also downplayed. It is considered either dangerous or ineffectual. You blow on its embers, or you stamp them out.

But love finds a way. Like light, it reveals itself. It is unmasked. Even a trickle of love is yet love. Why block love? Why skirt around it? Why not just admit it? And admit that you are love? You have gone to great lengths to ration your love. Only here, not there. You treat it like a wayward child. Soon or late, you do discover that love is the best of you. Love is the All of you. It is your life.

Love doesn’t hold on, and it doesn’t bar. Love is a freedom-fighter. It is a freedom-giver.

Love beats a path to your door every day. Often you slam the door, or you open it only a crack. You are suspicious of love. You fear it is out to get you. You’re right — love is out to get you. It would declare you to yourself. It would have you put away your resistance. The love you resist is the love in your own heart.

You fight a losing battle. Give it up. Let love catch you.

I proclaim you love. There is nothing else for you to go by. You are extended through love. Fear contracts you. Love melts you. Fear freezes you. Why on earth would anyone choose fear over love? What nonsense is this?

Do you wish to open your life or to close it? Opening to life doesn’t stretch you. It allows you to reach full-growth. Cut yourself off from love no longer. Nourish the love in your own heart. Never mind the state of other hearts. Give the fuel of your heart permission to ignite. Encompass the universe in the universe of your own heart. Be the starter. Be the spark that sparks the world. Give the world a light. Start a chain of light that will brighten life on earth. Then follow what you have started.

Embark on a new journey of love. Let your love seep through the earth so that life everywhere will bloom. What is blooming but rising to the Sun. What is a flower but a blossom of light? Love is the nutrient that grows everything on earth.

Be a pioneer of love. Set forth. Scatter it across the plains. Dig it deep into the ground. Acclimatize the world to it. Let your love be recognized. From mountain top or gully, establish love as your base. It is your base. Now simply lay claim to it.

Love rises like a mist from the valley. The valley is your heart. Your heart holds great power. Love will dismantle anything less than itself, and anything other than love is less. Now I say it. No one else will: You are a giant of love. You are a discoverer of it and the explorer of the love in your own heart. Let it spill out. Seed the earth with your love.