Daily Archives: May 26, 2017

I feel like this is goodbye,

Like you have had enough of me.

I am always the one left standing


With tears on my cheeks.

I have weathered goodbyes before

And as you move on I will feel


But love for you in my heart.

I will face the coming pain

With my head held high

Because I can survive being

Only One, can you 


We pray for a United world with tolerance

Understanding among all humans

We pray for an end to all Wars

The aleviation of suffering 

The healing of sexual abuse

An end to the subjugation of women

The abolition of animal crulety 

We shall respect and honour the earth and mankind

We pray for global awakening of HUMANITY

VICTORY for the forces of Light

The fulfillment of the Divine Plan

May peace follow you wherever you venture

May the sunlight shine on you ALL THE DAYS OF YOUR LIFE



You’re not going that way
Freedom has no chains
Run and dance in the rain
Save your soul for you never allow any one to steal your heart
Respect is earned not deserved
Those who have given their all never regret falling in love
When the person you says ” Sorry I don’t have time” walk away don’t look back you are unique and your story hasn’t started yet.




Darling, be still and stay with me

Please have a little faith in me

if I am gone or out at sea

or holding You in search of me

You hold my heart within Your hand

and I hope You know and understand

like I do, I’ll always be with You

Darling, be still and stay with me

for in my heart You’ll always be

and though apart I hope you’ll see

that we were always meant to be

You know my soul is there with You

no matter what You say or do

It’s true, I’ll always be with You

Somewhere in time