Daily Archives: May 28, 2017

Be happy be kind

You are never alone

Don’t walk away from people who love you

In life you maybe be angry,  depressed 

Never be hasty to burn that bridge cause you may never be able to go back

You can try

Never close the door

Peep out occasionally to see

Just maybe you will be happy you did

This life is your only life

Cause you won’t get out alive 

“Life’s like that”

Mim x



Some of us spend our total life searching for Evil Predators 

Never a moment goes by when your mind is not altert 

Yes, if you are a Pedofile you will pay the price of hurting, demeaning, scarring never to heal.

You are not worthy of breathing oxygen on this earth

Scarred folk are looking for you

At the end of your life you will pay the highest price

We will smile with glee

Even all the Angeles will squeal with joy 😇

That is the way it is!


The past can not be changed

Opinions don’t define you

Everyone’s journey is different

Things get better in time

Nothing stays the same 

Judgements are confessions of character

Overthinking leads us nowhere

Happiness is found within, if you it never let it go

Happy thoughts make you a great person to be with

Smiling, laughing makes your world a happy place to live in

Don’t look back you may fail

What comes around goes around

Be happy kind, understanding

That’s life! 

Mim x

I was waiting to be found
Walk on through the mist, the sun is shining on the other side.