Daily Archives: June 1, 2017


The Innocence of school days brings on all these horror times of working then the world is full of Stepping stones.A bully is a blustering, quarrelsome and overbearing sort. They never grew out of it; they acted that way in primary school, and it carried through to present day. They are often physically dominant, which makes up for their insecurities and deficiencies in other areas. (Like, say, brain power.) Every office has one. The trick is to know their buttons so you can discreetly and strategically push them to the delight of your co-workers.

Falling in love with somone across a crowded room

When your eyes touch for that instant you know beyound doubt 

You have found magic seconds, tinkling in your body

Feels you have found them for the very first time , 

The other half of yourself

Love is everything, scary, confusing, laughing, happiness, pain, doubts, shyness, never having to say sorry. 

Love is sharing, caring, touching, silence, music,

Sharing the sights of waterfalls, star’s in the sky, 

Love is never arrogant

Love is not chains around your neck

Love does not take your freedom away

Love never feels uncomfortable 

Maybe that is your vision

Or maybe that’s my dream, who knows

Mim xx