She never needed to be saved. She needed to be found and Appreciated for exactly who she was A wild child, raw unadulterated She just what to live under the radar Not important Just no- one in particular Mim x


Truth is that reality-based fact Truth is that essence of Peace Truth is what you are made off  When  Truth hurts, that’s not Truth TRUTH-TRUST is sacred never to be Abused Children are Damaged beyound repair Never Trusting ever Damaged goods Don’t  you dare damage me again with with  Never looking back to ask me, […]


Where I live there is white, black, skinny ones, pink one, males of all despriptions..we are all Brothers and sisters living on Earth.. How sad to see here folk still debating Race AND Religious beliefs.. If there were no Borders, no man made religion, wouldn’t it be a wonerful Planet..we could all live as one..our […]