Where I live there is white, black, skinny ones, pink one, males of all despriptions..we are all Brothers and sisters living on Earth..

How sad to see here folk still debating Race AND Religious beliefs..

If there were no Borders, no man made religion, wouldn’t it be a wonerful Planet..we could all live as one..our Aboriginal Ancestors still watch over us..with tears in their eyes. After all these centuries of genocide,  murder, you still don’t get it! 

One day as a student we were at an autopsy, not one body..there were 9 bodies, all with their inners exposed, we watched the operations then the Professor asked each student to inspect the bodies ..each went into great medical detail, outlining what medical condition each died from..being a shy student I was last..

Well, said our Medical Professor, ” Miss Marshall, your vesions of these deaths please” I smiled and it was so simple, as life should be. ” each patient died of natural causes, what was different ? Nothing, all their inners were exactly the same colour, same smell. What was different was only the colour of their skin..”

Professor taught them all a lesson that day..moral to this true event-we are all the same! You see all the students were at University studying to be Doctors. Even some Doctors are Racist when you walk in the surgery..sad but true..

Guess what none of us are going to get out of this life..ALIVE!

Whether you call yourself any Race or Religion, we are all family..


With respect to Elders Past and Present please excuse me..

Yes Donna we love you and your Mob