​My dearest friends , the times we live in are anything but normal. Much is coming to the surface that lays upon you, choices that can bring your the highest riches. It is the pearl of wisdom within you that which is the life energy of God. This is the way we must walk now. for it is life itself and it feeds the soul to the joys and contentment that nothing else can. Many on the earth have invested in treasures that will destroy them if it takes there heart and mind over . Love now needs to be the key word in which to follow at a joyful cost . Within that what has been taught for thousands of years is no more to be seen in the same understanding but only seen through the love of God in these final times. Ascension or upliftment is already starting to move into deeper understanding of life itself and your connection to the Life giver. I myself am not of any great wisdom only to that which is giving me life, and changers I have noticed taking place within me of recent times is clearing old ways of thinking. I do not do anything foolish but my guide is love always from our dear God. Jesus returns to the earth to gather his children that I believe is starting for as many of you are noticing your quest for the love of God increases and the ways of old can be seen as only stepping stones to higher thinking and feeling. Now the higher ways are influencing your direction as never before.  No one that is earnest in your quest to be taken into the higher realms will be left behind. 

I have only noticed a direct change taking place in my life in recent times . from the verge of death I was given more life. I only say as what has been revealed to me and that is a deeper look within to discover the Eternal You with love. let this be your quest , not with pain or worry but in a joyful and moving experience for calling on the guidance of God through Jesus will bring you to wonderful and yet peaceful understanding.  Blessings , be relaxed and see each day as a beautiful way to lift your spirit in however time it takes . Just Be, beautiful people.