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Look outside the window As I look outside my window,

I watch the moon so bright,

The stars twinkling in this quiet night,

The wind blowing on my face,

The darkness of night and its pace,

Nature can be so peaceful at times,

As pleasant as the sound of chimes!

Created by Bluebaby Graphics

Created by Mim


Poems – 

Colors of life

The trees of nature depict colors of life,
Every color is a symbol of strive,
In autumn, the leaves so dry,
Depicts the state of cry,
In summer, the blossomed leaves,
The message is surely deep,
In rains, the green blue color so bright,
It depicts that life is beautiful, so forget the fright!

Created by Bluebaby Graphics

Created by Mim


Thou Art My Dream Love

For as longer as I can remember you have been in my heart, each day starts with you and ends it so blissfully, for this I thank thee for all your love, I am truly grateful and humbled by it

There are those who may mock and parry of what we have, they gossip at will about the nature of our love, I do warn those rogues to tread lightly there, for my will be one thing, but my scorn a fury not tried with

When I am alone with you my heart is a flutter, such a ravishing beauty you are, your ample body is full and inviting, those auburn locks and steel blues eyes of yours so haunting, you are the perfect women

At times I find it hard to control my animal lust, wanting to take you at will, when I look at you the blood rushes from my head, my knees grow weak, my heart races so, to stop this torrent I must have you now

In the afterglow of our dalliance, the air is ripe with the scent of love, our bodies drenched in the dew of ecstasy, breathless near exhaustion I say to you, this will be ours forever, now my love but someday my wife

Our love still plays its game in my head, my dreams will be consumed with you, the sensual passion play is never ending, we rose and fell all night then dawn did break, and I am still of no sleep, but will go on


Wonderful rains

The wonderful feeling of the rain,
You tend to forget all your pain,
The pitter patter drops falling on you,
It takes you to another world so new,
Oh! Why rains make you feel so nice,
It’s a great feeling looking at the falling rain,
You tend to forget all your worries and pain!

Created Bluebaby Graphics

Created by Mim Graphics

When I Think of You
Mere words can not sum up how I feel, this love be it so precious to the world

For many a year we have loved, each day a new, and it will last forever with hope

At no time have I wavered, my love always strong and steadfast for you, far away it may be

Has it been the same for thou, has my touch sent you to new heights, as your has to me
The days are so long, the nights cold and lonely, but in my mind there is always you, and only you

Each beat of my heart echoes for you, my breath to is in your vein, nor there be any less

When I ponder my life without you, it is blank nary worth living at all, worthless and blank if not

So for me now let us be all but carefree, love like no others can see free and easy, away like gossamer

My moments with you are to short, but we must make what we can of them, for the could end

Your touch, your kiss, that angelic voice of yours, I am in heaven when with you, sway entirely away, and drift away

Away only to dream of you, to hold thee longer, my heart is low and heavy for this, as alone I will be

Someday when we are one, entwined in love and wedded bliss, we will never part again, the for ever done.