Thou Art My Dream Love

For as longer as I can remember you have been in my heart, each day starts with you and ends it so blissfully, for this I thank thee for all your love, I am truly grateful and humbled by it

There are those who may mock and parry of what we have, they gossip at will about the nature of our love, I do warn those rogues to tread lightly there, for my will be one thing, but my scorn a fury not tried with

When I am alone with you my heart is a flutter, such a ravishing beauty you are, your ample body is full and inviting, those auburn locks and steel blues eyes of yours so haunting, you are the perfect women

At times I find it hard to control my animal lust, wanting to take you at will, when I look at you the blood rushes from my head, my knees grow weak, my heart races so, to stop this torrent I must have you now

In the afterglow of our dalliance, the air is ripe with the scent of love, our bodies drenched in the dew of ecstasy, breathless near exhaustion I say to you, this will be ours forever, now my love but someday my wife

Our love still plays its game in my head, my dreams will be consumed with you, the sensual passion play is never ending, we rose and fell all night then dawn did break, and I am still of no sleep, but will go on