The greatest weakness in the human existance, Is to never be able to feel or give love.
It is God’s greatest strength.
Which an enemy so vain will never master.
You cant steal love or imitate love,
In any of it’s pure form.
If you cant trust love, it is not love.
Love does not exist in fear.
It must be given by the will of a heart so true.
Who fears not of anything but for love.
It is the only way.
Love can not be conquered.
There is no fight in love.
Come to her in whatever form you will,
She knows the one heart that cant love.
Because even a tiny fragment of love,
Will ooze from a soul so touched.
And as the feeling grows,
She breathes flesh to my bones.
And when love is dead.
Im loving an angel instead.
Her will, is paramount.
Or you will lose everything.
A promise most high