My Friends…well…here’s the next episode and its a big one.. But first, I need to say this: your many comments, their energy of loving support is truly inspiring and fills me with the strength that makes this really difficult writing journey so much easier…thank you…thank you. Soooo in this episode we discover how the events I’ve shared shaped and evolved into the practice of Meraki. So…here it is:


Fall 2009…Ojai CA





I’m composing the music of the Chakra Sound System and writing the book that is an important piece of the program. Sitting on the deck of my glorious mountain side sanctuary, suddenly and probably for the first time, I experience a rare and glorious essence:

I’m in the presence of Gratitude.

And I’m receiving.

So beautiful….

This loving, honest energy flows through my tired and open mind and body. Suddenly… I’m simply grateful.

Grateful what, you ask…?

Its like this:

The events and actions described in this story and many others are REAL experiences, not pages out of a novel. These experiences, horrific as they are, created a deep need with in me.

The presence of this need was so demanding…the need to fulfill the need… that its presence drove me to satisfy the need.

This drive is PURPOSE
Which becomes INTENT.

Two of the most powerful Essences in the Universe and within Me AND You

And so, at a very young age, I set about to learn, to understand the essence of purpose and the energy of intent. And right away quick it became abundantly clear that I needed to learn and see the ROOT CAUSES of my emotions and my behaviors. And I chose to do just that.

Frankly, I KNEW if I didn’t set my mind to this task, I would go insane.

Seriously, by any stretch of the imagine I should be:

A serial killer.
A multiple personality
A sexual deviant
A serious sexual predator.

But, because of the conscious choice to continuously learn and discover the root causes of my identity, that purpose became set in stone….and incredibly, I’m NONE of the above.

This is what I’m grateful for…the circumstances that produced this deep and singular need…that created the opportunity to choose to take the actions necessary to fulfill this need:


Remember the story of breaking my back? And of how I discovered the essence of a singular purpose and the healing power of a focused and clarified intention?

In one land, we could say that the journey toward resolving the duality and bringing forward unity as the operating principal of consciousness began there, in the hospital, unable to walk and terrified…

In another land, we could say the journey toward resolution actually began when, at a very young age. I was faced with the need to survive and retain the balance of my mind.

There was a point when I understood MY need for resolution constantly created the opportunity to heal the painful dichotomy in my mind, body and spirit.

The big knowledge is: resolving this need was in fact, the single driving force within me.

The need for resolution defined my purpose.

Determined my intent.

Determined the choices I made and the actions I took.

And DEMANDED I come to understand IT.

Demanded that I understand ME.


Soooo, finally… here it is:

You know what…?

We ALL share the need for Resolution…for Truth…for Love.

The split, the division within consciousness is an emotional, energetic architecture we all have in common. Of course, we are ALL unique, but we all share the architecture of duality, of bifurcation in our basic DNA and the patterning of our consciousness and our identities.

And we all share the deep abiding pain of division and separation.

And therefore, we are all searching for our own unique version, our personal resolution.

Resolving this painful split within consciousness itself is a universal journey we ALL share.

How lovely.

How beautiful.



My friends…this is what I’m grateful for:

The horrific AND the glorious experiences that has been the pattern of my long and wonderful life. They have had made me the man I am. And you know what…? It turns out I’m a pretty cool guy.

Really…how could I not be grateful for all of that.

Without these experiences, I would never have developed the practice of Meraki.

Or the beautiful, transcendent music of Therasound.

I would never have come to know, resonate with and ultimately employ the sacred Universal Laws.

And I never, ever would have been able to share those wondrous essences and their beautiful clarifying truth with all of you.

No more anger.
No more blame.
No more need for resolution.


So…I say THANK YOU…all day every day…

I truly walk in Gratitude.

And I say:

Thank you Hugh.

Thank You Harry.

Thank you Emma Jo

And thank you NANA

This is real, honest Gratitude…the portal to the higher realms.

MY friend…YOUR friend.



Deep peace to all of you my friends…

Thank you all for taking this journey with me…

Coming real soon, the next episode:

California Here I Come….the story of my first meeting with ….my real father…whoa