This innocent 5 year old little boy was allegedly stabbed to death by his father in an apparent domestic violence incident.

Rest in Peace to the 5 year old boy tragically stabbed to death in a suspected domestic violence incident in Sydney.

Today another child has lost their life in an horrific, horrible manner, to the scourge that is domestic violence. This innocent 5 year old little boy was allegedly stabbed to death by his father in an apparent domestic violence incident.

Obviously it is too soon to know exactly what happened, but there is nothing that could possibly make this senseless loss of life ok. It dosen’t matter how enraged you are or how crazed you may be, there is nothing that can justify taking the life of an innocent child !!!

This is why we consider domestic violence to be child abuse ! This is why we fight to stop it once and for all !

Superintendent Rob Critchlow is a fellow warrior in this fight ! He is an absolute legend and should be commended for the work he is doing to stop domestic violence and child abuse in general, he is nothing short of awesome. His comments are below in the article sourced from the SMH.

Please, we must stop this senseless killing of our children ! We must value life higher than we do, especially the lives of our children, our very future.

This is happening all too often and it is not ok, please don’t look away from it, demand more from yourself, from our politicians and more from those around you. Violence is never ok.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Mumma, the family and friends of this precious child whose life was taken from him today. To the Grandmother who tried desperately to get help for him, we are so very sorry, we know you did all you could and your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Rest in peace innocent 5 year old angel.
We are so very sorry.

Full story from below, we have no words…. Except PLEASE …. STOP KILLING OUR KIDS !

A five-year-old boy has died after he was stabbed during a domestic dispute in Sydney’s north-west on Friday morning in what police have described as “a horrible and brutal crime”. Police were called to a street in Carlingford just after 7am after the boy’s grandmother rushed outside to raise the alarm.

The stabbing occurred at the family home, and the grandmother took the boy out onto the street to seek assistance, police said. The boy, who had serious stab wounds, was rushed to The Children’s Hospital at Westmead in a critical condition under a police escort. He died in hospital at 8.02am.

The alleged attacker, a 36-year-old man who police said is related to the child, was arrested nearby. He was taken to Castle Hill police station, where he is being questioned.

The boy’s grandmother, aged in her 60s, was treated for shock by paramedics. Police have established a crime scene at the family’s home. Superintendent Rob Critchlow described the attack as “a horrible and brutal crime against a very young, defenseless boy”.

“The level of violence is horrendous,” Superintendent Critchlow said. “It’s probably about as bad as it gets, really.

“All we know for sure is that a young child has been murdered in his home brutally, and we have a gentleman in custody.

“Suffice to say, he [the boy] was gravely injured and was unable to recover from his injuries.”

Superintendent Critchlow praised the boy’s grandmother for attempting to save him.

“She’s behaved in a heroic and caring manner, as you would imagine a grandmother would. She’s been presented with something terrible, and done her best to get the young boy to safety and to get him treatment. Sadly, despite her best efforts, there was nothing more she could have done,” he said.

Superintendent Critchlow said he believed the man was known to police, and lived at the same address as the boy.

“As a community, we’re poorer because we’ve lost a young man today,” he said.
Valli Adabjou, the director of a childcare centre, said one of her staff members saw the emergency services taking the boy to hospital outside the centre.

“We just saw the child and the carer in front of our centre,” Ms Adabjou told Fairfax Media.

“By the time we got there emergency services had arrived.”

“The carer was attempting to resuscitate the child. I don’t know where the incident happened.”

Ms Adabjou said the child was not enrolled at the centre. “We are still open, parents are coming in,” she said.

Ms Adabjou said she had contacted parents from the centre to reassure them. “I have sent an email to let parents know there is an incident nearby, but it is nothing to do with the children here.”

Ambulances could be seen parked outside the childcare centre, while the street was taped off and traffic diverted.

James, an 84-year-old neighbouring resident, said he felt “upset” about the incident. “I’m not happy seeing something like that particularly to a five-year-old child, not happy about it at all,” James told Fairfax Media. “It’s been a very good area, I’ve been living here nearly 40 years. I haven’t seen anything like this. I’ve witnessed a robbery but not the death of a child or anything like that.”

James said the suburb’s demographics had changed a lot since he first moved in nearly 40 years ago, and he doesn’t know many of his neighbours any more. “Most of them are all rental properties now. I don’t know who they are, I wouldn’t have a clue,” James said. But he said he still felt safe, for the most part.

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