The VCAT tribunal has approved a working with children check for a convicted gang rapist. What’s the point in having the check if a gang rapist can get one ?

The working with children check or wwcc used to mean that a person had no past convictions that would make them unsuitable to be around children. That was until the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal stepped in and gave several people who have no business working with children their WWCC.

I guess their motto of “Fair, efficient justice for all Victorians” didn’t apply to children or child abuse survivor’s.. hey, VCAT.

:::::: TRIGGER WARNING :::::

A middle-aged Victorian businessman involved in an horrendous gang rape when he was younger has been approved to work with children. During the ordeal, the 26-year-old male victim had a knife held to his throat by the gang and was threatened with having his genitalia cut off.

While his attackers laughed he was held down, anally raped, forced to have oral sex with group members, and kicked and hit with a stick. The businessman was jailed for three years over the 1982 attack and has kept the shameful secret from his family and friends ever since.

On Friday, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal granted him permission to work with children as part of his business. VCAT deputy president Heather Lambrick said the man’s offending was extremely serious and “it’s difficult to imagine a more terrifying incident for the victim”.

But she noted it had been 35 years since his crime, he posed little if any risk to children and had not offended since. (That you know of, Madam Deputy President).

The state department of justice and regulation secretary expressed concern about the “extremely serious” offending and believed the man downplayed his culpability.

The secretary told VCAT that without offering psychological material, the tribunal could not be satisfied the man posed no risk to children.

However, Ms Lambrick disagreed, saying the businessman was deeply ashamed and “full of horror” at his crimes.

“With the passage of time (he) has changed dramatically,” she said.

“He now has a stable family environment and has established a successful business.

“It is not only unforgiving, but inaccurate, to assume that a man does not change, and develop, after making a mistake early in life.”

Ms Lambrick was satisfied the man posed an “extremely low risk” of re-offending and had no relevant offending since.

“I’m satisfied he has learnt a great deal from the lessons of the past and that he poses little if any risk to children.”

How exactly do you know, for a fact, that over the passage of time he had become a completely different person Ms Lambrick ?

Ahh well, as long as Ms Lambrick is satisfied he is not a threat to children, then I guess we should all stop complaining and just applaud her compassionate decision. I mean after all she is a forensic psychologist… no wait, no she is not…. Surely she is a medical doctor then…. No, not that either, a judge? Half the VCAT members are judges and to overrule them surely she herself must be a judge…. No, wait… she’s not even a judge.

So who is she exactly ? Who is she to make decisions of this magnitude that will directly effect the safety of children ?

If you can answer that question please let us know, we would love to find something that told us she Is in fact qualified to make these massive decisions, with such monumental implications for our children’s safety.

Ok so what’s next ? Surely we can make a complaint to the VCAT, being a government body they have to listen if we don’t like one of their decisions, right ?

WRONG !!!!! According to the VCAT website (cut and pasted)

We cannot respond to complaints about:
a decision or order made by VCAT errors or mistakes in decisions, or other legal grounds matters that are outside VCAT’s responsibilities, such as government policy, legislation or legal representation.

We also cannot respond to requests to remove a member from hearing a case.

Except for the right to appeal to the Supreme Court of Victoria, VCAT decisions are final and binding on the parties involved in the case.

So basically put, unless we want to lodge an appeal in the Supreme court of Victoria, there is not a damn thing we the general public can do about this decision.

A gang rapist gets his working with children check back, children get put in direct danger, on the word of whom ? Why do this ? Why fight for the rights of poor, downtrodden gang rapists ?

Well I guess if your own department doesn’t have to accept complaints about your decisions, then why not, why not excuse them all.. hey ? UNBELIEVABLE!

The WWCC already has a problem with negative publicity, is it any wonder.. when decisions like this are allowed to stand.

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