Shane Crosby, a St Paul’s Anglican youth group leader has escaped prison, despite committing serious and disturbing child sex offences.😯😯

Shane Crosby, a St Paul’s Anglican youth group leader has escaped prison, despite committing serious and disturbing child sex offences.

A former Anglican youth group leader Shane Crosby has been found guilty of sexually abusing a girl in his care and has inexplicably escaped a prison sentence.

Not only did he sexually assault the young girl in his care, but he also threatened that she would “suffer the consequences” should she come forward and say anything to anyone. However some years later she bravely stepped forward, had him charged and convicted but sadly with no prison time.

The actions of Shane Crosby, 61, were slammed by a County Court Judge as “most serious and disturbing” as she convicted him of two counts of indecent assault following his time at St Paul’s Anglican Church in Bakery Hill in the early 1980s.

The court was told Crosby, who spent his career working for Australia Post, was in his mid-20s when he began to prey on a 14-year-old girl in 1982. He was volunteering as a youth group leader at the church when he pulled the girl into a bush on St Paul’s Way during a game of hide and seek before molesting her.

At one point another youth group member jumped in the same bush but quickly left, with Crosby telling his victim “that was close”. Crosby continued to abuse the girl for two years while he raised a baby with his wife.

He told the victim she would “suffer the consequences” if she told anyone after groping her breasts during a camp at Mount Cole.

As survivors of child sexual abuse know only too well, it can take time to deal with the trauma and to find the courage to speak out and seek justice. Some of us never reach a place where we feel safe enough and strong enough to deal with the implications of seeking that justice. It took this courageous survivor 30 + years before she contacted authorities in 2016 and following on police laid charges last year.

In the County Court in Melbourne this month, Judge Sue Pullen said Crosby breached the girl’s trust when abusing her. The court heard he was remorseful over his actions and had since withdrawn from social circles after being charged.

Withdrawing from social circles AFTER being charged doesn’t sound like remorse for crimes committed it sounds more like embarrassment at being publicly shamed…. hardly the same thing.

Crosby pleaded guilty and received a two-year suspended sentence, meaning he will not have to spend any time behind bars.

Judge Pullen said the victim had suffered long-term impacts after the abuse.
“Your offending not only affected her but her whole family,” she said
“She described how difficult it was to tell her parents what had happened, she felt she’d lived a double existence for most of her life, having lied to herself about what happened, then acting like it never happened because she was ashamed.”

It’s funny that the judge “slammed” the Ballarat child abuser yet still allowed him to walk away with no prison time what-so-ever.

Hardly seems like justice.. Crosby has suffered the past 2 years of embarrassment due to his own actions, mind you, and now gets a wholly suspended 2 yr sentence. It really doesn’t even nearly begin to compare to the 32 years of trauma this survivor has endured because of the crimes he committed against her.

Here’s an idea for all Judges dealing with these ‘Oh so repentant and remorseful child sex offenders’ , by all means slam them with harsh words, but more importantly slam them with harsh prison sentences that speak to the damage they have done, the trauma they have caused and the lives they have forever changed.

Not just their victims lives, but the family members who are also affected by what has been done to their loved one.

No, If you really want to seem harsh on child sex offenders, you can’t just talk about it…. You MUST back it up with harsh sentences as well. Not much to expect when the survivors face a lifetime sentence, is it.

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