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Brett Hill 47, has been refused bail after being charged with abducting and raping an 11 year old girl for 5 hours.

Brett Hill 47, has been refused bail after being charged with abducting and raping an 11 year old girl for 5 hours.

The suppression order has been lifted !
So now we can legally SHARE HIS FACE FAR AND WIDE !!!!!

Now that a magistrate has lifted the suppression order that prevented us from identifying Brett Hill, we at FACAA feel confident that sharing his identity will not affect the case against him. However please remember he has not been found guilty therefore the charges are allegations at this point in time.

We thank the many members of the FACAArmy that sent us copies of his photo and we appreciate you understanding how important it was not to share it until the suppression order was lifted. We stand by our previous post that stated, whilst the suppression order was in place it was wrong to share his identity and we thank everybody wholeheartedly who chose to comply with the law and prevent a potential mistrial.

FACAA would like to say just how proud we are of the brave little girl who endured hell on earth, but still gave the police all the information they needed to find and apprehend her alleged offender. What an amazing young girl ! Just 11 years old and so courageous, our hat goes off to you.

As always if anyone knows this brave young girl, FACAA have some incredible schools on the central coast region of NSW who would love to help her in her healing.

The man accused of allegedly abducting and raping an 11-year-old girl has been named. A suppression order on Brett Hill’s identity was today lifted by a magistrate despite his lawyer arguing that the move could put him in danger while in jail. Hill, 47, was arrested over the weekend in Newcastle.

He has been formally refused bail and remains in jail, with his case adjourned until August 15. He’s charged with sexually assaulting the young victim after allegedly abducting her while she was walking through Hudson Park on Terrance Street in Adamstown Heights about 9.15am on Tuesday last week.

Police allege the girl was sexually assaulted before being forced into a red car, driven to bushland and further sexually assaulted over a number of hours.

After giving a detailed description of her alleged attacker, police stopped a red Holden Commodore on Beaumont Street in Hamilton on Saturday and arrested Hill. It is understood that the 47-year-old is unemployed, separated from his wife and has been described as living a “nomadic” life while couch-surfing.

“It has been a very hard week, a very tough week, for the community of Newcastle,” Superintendent Brent Greentree told media earlier this week.
“This incident sent shivers down the spine of every Novocastrian and affected not only the police, but the community right across the Hunter.”

Not just across the Hunter but across Australia as a whole. This sort of crime strikes to the very heart of who we are in Australia and incites levels of rage and hatred unseen by normal crimes.

Now that the suppression order has been lifted, his identity and face can be shared. Good on the magistrate who lifted the order even against the legal defence’s pleas for his safety. Finally a decision for the safety of our children, over the safety of an accused child rapist ! Well done Magistrate !

And now please feel free to share this picture of the alleged attacker with the knowledge that doing so will not break the law or cause a potential mistrial.

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Parts of the above cut and pasted from 9news.com.au for preservation of facts.