Ex -School teacher Jeffrey McKinnell was found guilty of possessing 3008 images of child sexual exploitation. He will be eligible for parole after 8 months behind bars.

Ex -School teacher Jeffrey McKinnell was found guilty of possessing 3008 images of child sexual exploitation. He will be eligible for parole after 8 months behind bars.

Formerly a teacher at Western Australia’s prestigious Guilford Grammar School Jeffrey Jay McKinnell was found guilty of possessing 3008 child sexual exploitation images. He claimed that they were “accidentally” downloaded while downloading his massive collection of adult pornography.

Here’s the problem with that, he sorted them into nice neat folders. NERDS, BRACES, INNOCENT, TEENIES were just some of the folder listings he used. so surely if they were accidentally downloaded that would be the point at which you would delete them.

The court heard Jeffrey told police if he downloaded any images he thought may have been children he would put them into a file called “spec’ which he would go through later and delete. However a computer expert could find only 3 occasions in 2 years where files were deleted and with 3008 images of children being sexually abused found on his computer, it’s a little difficult to believe his story.

McKinnell was sent to prison for 16 months and will be eligible for parole after serving just 50% or 8 months of the sentence. His legal team hung the entire argument on the accidental download theory, which thankfully the judge didn’t accept as a good enough excuse to avoid prison.

Sentencing McKinnell yesterday, District Court Judge Michael Bowden found the 38-year-old was an “avid collector” of adult porn and that he did not “actively” seek out the illegal material.

However, Judge Bowden found that McKinnell’s interest in legal pornography “on occasion extended to an interest in child exploitation material that was downloaded when you downloaded the adult pornography material”.

“I’m satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that as a result of your experiences with downloading adult pornography, you were aware that child exploitation material was on occasions downloaded,” he said.

“Despite your evidence to the contrary, I find you believed it was likely in the sense that you believed that there was a significant or real chance that amongst the adult porn material that you had downloaded, there would have been some images of child exploitation material.

“I’m satisfied at a convenient time, you then view the downloaded material, keep some of the material that you knew was child exploitation material, and delete other child exploitation material that you didn’t wish to keep.”

So the judge sort of saw through his excuse, however he also acknowledged that it is standard practice to organize files to be viewed later ? How much porn do you have to download that you need to organize it into collections to view later ?

Apparently 250,000 plus images according to McKinnell, as that is how many legal pornographic images he had as well as the 3008 images of children being sexually abused,

I’ve never heard of this and I’m a 37 year old male who went through his teenage years just as the internet was booming and I never once downloaded so much pornography that I needed to sort it into folders for viewing later.

Judge Bowden said McKinnell turned to “less mainstream” sources and websites when he no longer received stimulation from the pornography he had been watching. He found McKinnell kept some of the child exploitation material for his own sexual gratification, but said he had an “entrenched interest in pornography, not necessarily a sexual interest in children”.

The court was told the bulk of the 3008 images depicted children who were either naked or semi-naked, those clothed were in sexually provocative poses.

Judge Bowden said McKinnell was sacked from his teaching job, and while his collection was not connected to his work, he said it was unlikely he would teach again.

Unlikely? Is that even up for debate? Surely he will never pass a working with children check again, and that is a VERY, VERY, good thing. McKinnell should NEVER teach again.

The fact is our children will never be safe around him because of his disturbing interest in adult pornography and his “accidental” downloading of child exploitation material.

He acknowledged McKinnell was remorseful and he was at a low risk of re-offending. McKinnell will become eligible for parole after serving half of his sentence, that is 8 months behind bars.

We at FACAA can’t agree that he is a low risk of re-offending as child exploitation material can be the start of the path that leads to abusing children. He had a collection of over 250,000 images of adult pornography, not to mention the 3008 images of children being sexually abused. I would think that in itself would classify as an addiction, with a high chance of reoffending.

This is not a victimless crime, all of those children are very real and were very much exploited and sexually abused. Just because he didn’t know the children in the images, does not make his offending against them any less harsh.

Child sexual abuse material is not a victimless crime, every child in those images was a real child, a real child, just like the children he once taught. He should be banned from ever teaching again and have his working with children check permanently banned.

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