Ben Clarke, Evil 8 paedophile group photographer has been released from prison after just 3 years !💥💥💥💥

Ben Clarke, Evil 8 paedophile group photographer has been released from prison after just 3 years !

When amateur photographer Ben Clarke advertised on Craig’s list for child models, the father of the 12 year old girl at the centre of the “Evil 8” paedophile child rape squad, responded and negotiated with Clarke to allow him to photograph his daughter both clothed and naked.

Along with pathetic cowards like Pastor David Volmer, Nicholas Beer, Ryan Clegg and the girl’s own father who raped the innocent child, Ben Clarke was also jailed as part of the Evil 8.

He negotiated with the girl’s father to photograph her in outfits he had bought from sex shops and then he distributed photos he had taken of her to others he had met online.

Clarke also sexually abused the young girl by masturbating over her as she lay on a bed. He would then go home and send the child abuse images to other pathetic cowards online and via USB.

Clarke was jailed after he pleaded guilty to 12 charges including indecently recording and dealing with a child and distributing child exploitation material between February and May 2014. Clarke was jailed in 2016, with the sentence backdated to July 2015.

Just weeks before Clarke’s sentence was due to expire, the Prisoners Review Board said he would be subject to a post sentence supervision order. The order was made for three key reasons, including ‘a prior criminal history of sexual offending which suggests a high risk of reoffending’.

Clarke is subject to a number of conditions, such as abiding by the Australian National Child Offender Register requirements which state that he should have ‘no unsupervised contact with children under 16 years of age other than your own children’.

In sentencing, Judge Simon Stone had said Clarke’s conduct was ‘reprehensible and disgusting’ and he had made a significant contribution to the father’s sexual exploitation of the girl.
Yet he still backdated all of his sentences and still gave him a sad pathetic excuse of a sentence.

As per usual we find out after the sentencing that this is not the first time Clarke has been found guilty of sexually abusing a child. Clarke had previously spent time in jail for abusing a 12-year-old girl in 1988.

Once again this proves the fact that child abusers cannot be rehabilitated, they simply just get better at hiding it ! They will never be able to be trusted around children… ever again ! Children are simply not safe around anyone who has been convicted of child sexual abuse, it is just not ever worth the risk.

Benjamin Simon Clarke was released by our prison board, he is a multiple time convicted child sexual abuser. He took pictures and videos of an innocent 12 year old girl while she was being abused and sent those images and footage to paedophiles worldwide. He even paid for the privilege.

There is nothing we can do about him being released, however there is something we can do to protect other children from him !


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You are the Victim be Kind to you 💥💥💥

Survivors of child abuse need to know that it was not their fault, they did not deserve it and the shame belongs to their abusers not to them !

The future lies in our children – all of our children – even (or especially?) the abused ones.

As a survivor of abuse myself, and the mother of abused children, as someone who has spoken to countless survivors and studied the research and statistics, I strongly believe that the way to end child abuse lies in how we deal with those who have been abused. That is one big reason why I am so very proud to be a part of the FACAA team.

All too often, children who suffer any form of abuse, be it neglect, psychological, physical, emotional or sexual, feel that they have somehow deserved that abuse. They take it all on board and internalise it in ways that will haunt them for many years. On top of that of course is the actual trauma itself and the reactions and ripple effects from that.

Many develop PTSD, Complex PTSD, drug and alcohol issues, depression, relationship and trust issues, self harming behaviours and suicidal ideologies to name a few of the problems faced.

We know from the research on Critical Incident Management used around the world for assisting first responders that PTSD can be avoided if the traumatic event is dealt with swiftly and carefully. Very often of course, disclosures are made many years after the abuse has taken place so in those cases it cannot be avoided and it cannot always be avoided in cases where the abuse is immediately evident either.

What can be done though, in each and every case, is to ensure that that child, or those children, are cared for comprehensively, respectfully and professionally as soon as practically possible. We need this to become common practice, right across the board, with every agency that deals with abused children. We need to let those kids know that it was never their fault, that they did not deserve to be treated that way, that the shame is not theirs and never was theirs.

Taking the abuser or the child away is never enough. Telling the child things like “It’s over now”or “just try to forget about it” can actually do more harm in some ways, making them feel that it is not okay to keep thinking or talking about what has happened to them.

We need to be ready to hear them, to validate them, to care for them, to nurture and support them – right from the very beginning for as long as they need us.

If we can do that, we will be a lot closer to ending not only abuse but many of the problems faced by communities across Australia. Our future is in our hands, as are our children. We need to step up and shoulder that responsibility before it is too late.

Please note – this post is not in any way meant to imply that all people who have been abused will develop mental health, drug and alcohol, or other problems and it is not intended to offend anyone. I am simply talking about what we know for a fact becomes the reality for a large percentage of survivors (GE)

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Beautiful after all Broken Diamond. This is your story💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

We are more beautiful for having been broken,

I was in a workshop the other day where a clinical psychologist was talking about Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) and showed this picture of a broken bowl, repaired with gold or silver lacquer, called Kintsukuroi.
The idea is the piece is more beautiful for having been broken. I thought this was such a beautiful idea.

In the world of personal development there is a constant quest for “fixing” the broken pieces of ourselves in order to move on from the past, heal the hurts and become a better version of ourselves than before.

Sometimes we get lost in the “broken-ness” that we are experiencing at the time, viewing it as a bad thing. In that state of mind it’s easy to get stuck in the poor me-ness of it all and play the victim. But with this understanding that we are more beautiful for having been broken, it can be easier for us to just allow those awful feelings, acknowledge and accept them, and know that we will come out the other end with more learning and growth, a better understanding of who we are – whenever that might be.

If you’re reading this while you’re going through a really crappy time I know this probably sounds simplistic, but there is always a choice and we can choose whether we let our circumstances halt our growth or let it turn us into a beautiful butterfly after a period of integration.

We also need to know that we don’t need to always focus on “fixing” ourselves. It’s a lesson for some of us to just be – be patient, rest, allow ourselves to process what’s happening, and know that we are amazing just as we are – especially when we have been through a lot. After all, I have never met a spectacular person who hasn’t gone through a whole load of pain in their lives, along with a period of thinking “why the heck is this happening to me.”

You are amazing just as you are, you are beautiful, you are valued and you are worthy.

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