“(The mother) was to vacate the bedroom every night for a week in order for the complainant to enter the bedroom and enable (the father) to do what he wanted to do”. 🕶

A “mother” who swapped beds with her daughter so her “father” could rape her, has been given 4 months behind bars.
Seems like a pathetic sentence for facilitating and allowing such a heinous hideous crime, that’s because it is. The official sentence was 2 years suspended after 4 months. It seems pathetic because it truly is !

A brave survivor has spoken to the Townsville Bulletin about the repulsive breach of trust that saw her sexually abused hundreds of times as a child. Her mother, now aged 72, has been jailed after pleading guilty in Townsville District Court to incest and permitting the abuse of a child under 16 on premises.

Judge John Coker said, as a child the victim was subjected to “abuse of a sexual nature in every manner that could possibly be imagined”. Police prosecutor Andrew Walklate said the mother knowingly allowed her husband to sexually abuse their daughter when she was aged between 10 and 16.

6 Years of horrendous incestuous child rape at it’s absolute worst and she gets 4 months… Judge John Coker, surely you could have handed down a much worse sentence than 4 petty months.

Why on earth would you send such a clear message that this woman’s pain, and the pain of survivor’s of incest and child rape everywhere, means so very little to our legal system.

In this case especially, I simply refuse to use the words “Justice system” because we simply do not have anything like a justice system. We have a legal system, a system in place to legally protect the laws and the accumulation of money and things.
Children sadly are not valued very highly in this system.

Police prosecutor Andrew Walklate said the charge of incest related to a particular week when the mother entered an agreement with the father which saw her swap beds with her daughter to allow him to “get it out of his system”.

“For about a week when the complainant was about 15 years old the defendant swapped bedrooms with the complainant … that was in order to facilitate the sexual activity taking place,” Mr Walklate said.

“(The mother) was to vacate the bedroom every night for a week in order for the complainant to enter the bedroom and enable (the father) to do what he wanted to do”.

“The complainant would walk past the defendant in the hallway as she was carrying her pillow.”

Imagine walking down a hallway and seeing your mother walking in the opposite direction with her pillow in hand, being fully aware of what was about to happen to you and knowing she was not going to help you.. she was too busy helping the monster commit his horrific acts. That poor girl….

Mr Walklate said the mother had become aware of the offending years earlier and had discussed the abuse with her daughter and husband on many occasions. The victim, now a mother in her own right, bravely voiced her victim impact statement in court. She said it had taken her years to fully comprehend what had happened to her and begin the healing process.

“My parents were supposed to be the ones who cared for and protected me, not the ones who abused me,” the victim said.

“Your role was to be the one who stood up and protected me.
Your non-actions were as harmful as his actions.”

Barrister Scott Geeves, representing the mother, said his client had a great deal of remorse for what had happened to her daughter. He said the woman had never been in trouble with the law and was a valued member of the community.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news Mr Geeves, but whatever someone has done, or not done, before they abuse a child (or in this case directly assist the repeated rape of a child), is completely irrelevant. The fact is, the very moment they hurt that child through action or inaction they are then and forever will be a child abuser.

A child abuser is not a valued member of any community. They may pretend to be an upstanding citizen but anyone who can rape their own child, or facilitate the rape of their child, is someone with a despicable character and nothing they may have done or achieved in the past makes their actions any less heinous….

A child abuser is NOT a person of good character!

Mr Geeves you say your client was remorseful for her crimes, for exactly which crimes was she remorseful?
Was it for the years she knew her husband was raping their child and she chose to do nothing ?

Or was she remorseful for the times she literally gave up her bed so he could rape her ?

If she had any remorse what so ever she would have done something about it, she knew full well what was going on and still she helped this disgusting predator rape and defile their precious child.

Please Don’t talk of remorse and then talk of 6 years and hundreds of instances of child rape because it simply does not fly.

Eventually the “mother” went to her own parents for help in the situation, it only took her 6 years to do so, wonder what set her off and made her finally do the right thing. Too bad it was way too little, way too late.

Good on the child’s grandfather for stepping in and doing the right thing as soon as he heard about it. Well done Sir, good to see the girl had someone looking out for her. Kudos sir !

There is no excuse for this.. parents…those who are supposed to love, protect and nurture their children above all else, they both deserve harsh sentences.

Judge Coker took the woman’s age, lack of criminal history and his certainty that she would not reoffend into account when he sentenced her to two years imprisonment, to be suspended after four months.

Judge Coker you could have sent a clear message that those who help child abusers are just as guilty as the abusers themselves, you could have said that they will face the fullest extent of the law. Instead you set yet another pathetic precedent. Poor form Judge, child abuse survivors everywhere have felt the sting of the slap in the face you just hit them with.

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