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Happy Father’s day to all the FACAA fathers and father figures out there.

It doesn’t matter what your son or daughter call you on this great day as long as you have a little person who looks up to you, relies on you and is protected by you then in our eyes you’re a great father and today is your day.

FACAA are currently away enjoying Father’s day with our patriach and enjoying the time spent with 3 generations of FACAA men. (Please forgive us if we didn’t get back to you this weekend)

By an odd fluke it’s also my father’s birthday today so Happy birthday John. You’ve been an incredible role model to not only me but my boy also. Thank you.

Thank you for raising me to believe that If you can help you must help, thank you for teaching me that bein a man means you are a protector, a shield, that my strength lies in protecting, in being a guardian of the innocent and that there is no more worthy charge than that of a protector of children.

I owe you a lot dad, you took me to martial arts training day after day, you taught me that if you want something work your tail off for it, and that the children are our future and as such MUST be protected. All of those things not only shaped me into the man I am but also shaped FACAA.

We don’t do handouts we empower survivors to heal themselves, we let our results speak for themselves, we are unafraid to do something new and something that has never been done before, we are unafraid to try and fail but we will never ever quit !

That is the FACAA way, to carve a new path and not listen to people telling us it can’t be done because we are usually too busy proving them wrong !

We try to be the best example for the future generations and fight to make it a better world for all children everywhere. We know all FACAA fathers and father figures alike do the same.

Happy Father’s day FACAA. Hope it’s a great day for everyone. (A)

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