Peter Hollingworth was Governor-General until it was proven that he protected a paedophile priest. The time has come for him to lose his pension of over $600,000 per year !

FORMER Australian Governor-General Dr Peter Hollingworth should be stripped of his $600,000 a year entitlement after it was found he protected paedophiles during his time as Anglican Archbishop

We at FACAA are once again echoing calls made by Hetty Johnston and Bravehearts, this time we are joining them in calling for Peter Hollingworth to lose his pension, we would like to see him pay back the funds he has received thus far too, but hey we know that will never happen.

Dr Hollingworth was appointed Governor-General in 2001, but he resigned in 2003 in utter disgrace ! after an inquiry found he allowed a paedophile priest to continue working until retirement. This enquiry was spearheaded by friends of FACAA Hetty Johnston and Amanda Gearing.

The 83-year-old gave evidence to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in 2016, which included an apology to an abuse victim. Dr Hollingworth issued a statement through his lawyer Bill Doogue on Wednesday, saying reports police were reviewing allegations were surprising given the allegations “had been the subject of four inquiries in the past 15 years”.

“None of those inquiries suggested he had committed any offence,” Mr Doogue said in a statement.

“These inquiries included the royal commission which examined the issues at length.

“Dr Hollingworth says he is aware that some of his opponents have been making complaints to police for some time but he had never been approached or interviewed by police.”

Funny thing, Peter Hollingworth apologised for his part in hiding the paedophile priest but then said that none of the inquires suggested he committed any offence ??Mate you have admitted committing an offence, you do know that hiding child rapists from justice is an offence, right ?

This seems amazingly arrogant, to apologise for committing a crime then say, but no one has ever found I’ve committed a crime… you know, except you… But then again I’d be arrogant too if I worked for 2 years and was given a lifetime pension of over half a million dollars per year.

Yes you read that correctly, the age of entitlement is over for everyone except the ex-governor general apparently. He works for just 2 years and gets an annual pension of $357,732, as well as a Commonwealth-funded office and staff in the prestigious 101 Collins St building in Melbourne’s CBD.

Documents provided under Freedom of Information show that in 2015-16, Dr Hollingworth spent more than $275,000 on office and travel expenses, on top of his pension for that year of $328,000. In the six years between 2010 and 2016, his office and travel expenses alone totalled almost $1.5 million.

This is a man who by his own admission allowed a child rapist to keep working until he retired !

Give FACAA just 1 year of his pension and we will take a huge chunk out of child abuse !

We have to ask….Why does he get any tax payer funded pension ?

He admitted that he knowingly allowed a child rapist to continue working with children, for that ….

Philip Wilson was convicted, Peter Hollingworth can and should be too !

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