A 78 Year old Illawarra Grandfather charged with sexually assaulting his granddaughter from the age of 8 to 11 years has appallingly tried to claim……..
“She made me do it.”….
Just let that sink in for a second….

He claims his granddaughter made him sexually assault her !!! Unbelievable…A 78-year-old Illawarra man arrested on child molestation charges took the extraordinary step of telling police his eight-year-old victim was to blame, saying “she made me do it” The man, who cannot be named because the victim is his granddaughter, claimed the young girl made sexual advances towards him over a three-year period in the early 2000s when she was aged 8-11 and he was in his 60s.

“She asked me to do it,” he said when questioned following his arrest in January this year.

“She would sit on my lap and be all over me every day.”
He even told officers at the end of the interview that he was “disappointed” the victim had made a statement to police as she had “come onto” him. The man’s comments concerned Magistrate Peter Thompson, who sentenced the man in Wollongong Local Court on Friday.

“His comments after his arrest cause me significant concern as they demonstrate his lack of insight and remorse,” he said.

We couldn’t agree more Magistrate Thompson, this shows he clearly takes no responsibility for his actions at all, infact he seems to believe he is the victim.

Court documents said the man often looked after his granddaughter for his alcoholic son and the pair were frequently home alone when the man’s wife went to church.

The victim recalled several assaults took place in secluded spots on the Port Kembla docks: on one occasion he had her masturbate him, while on another he made her sit on top of him while he moved her up and down quickly as he pushed his penis against her vagina.

She disclosed the incident to family members in 2017 before making a statement to police, leading to her grandfather’s arrest.

Congratulations to this brave survivor for having the courage to speak out and seek justice. We know iIt’s not easy to tell family and friends and most importantly to face your abuser, especially when they are trying to blame you! We applaud you and should you need help in dealing with your trauma we have some spectacular schools in your area that would love to help you out.

On Last Friday, defence barrister Duncan Berents told the court his client was well respected in his migrant community and an active member of social clubs and his local church group.

Why does any of this matter Mr Berents ? Who cares what he WAS, he is now and forever will be, the monster that sexually abused his own granddaughter.

He said the man had a number of health conditions that would make jail time more onerous on him than others in his position. However, Magistrate Thompson said the seriousness of the man’s actions warranted a full-time jail sentence, despite his advanced age.

Once again well done Magistrate Thompson.

He set a 16-month maximum sentence, with a minimum non-parole period of eight months.

No this is not even slightly good enough, however it would have more than likely been a part of a plea deal with the defendant to have the severity of the charges reduced.
Why we make these deals is beyond us here at FACAA.

The man handed his possessions to supporters before being taken downstairs to the holding cells by prison staff.

What we would like to know is who is supporting this predator ? Seriously, if you are in a court room supporting an incestuous paedophile, instead of supporting the child/adult he sexually abused, something is very wrong.

In stereotypical child rapist arrogance and self righteous behaviour, he immediately lodged a severity appeal and sought release on bail in front of Magistrate Mark Douglass. However, Magistrate Douglass rejected the application, saying he didn’t believe the man’s severity appeal had much of a chance of succeeding.

“My view is this sentence [will] probably be viewed as lenient,” he said.

Well done Magistrate Douglass, we wholeheartedly agree with you.

The man’s appeal will be heard in November. We at FACAA would like to see time added onto his sentence for the arrogance of challenging such a lenient punishment.

What an absolutely abhorrent, arrogant monster this vile predator is and to think he had supporters in the community !
Wow, just wow ! Lawyers have a job to do, but to support a child rapist by choice, well that’s just unbelievable !

This brave survivor deserves support, not the grandchild raping horror that tried to blame a child for his pathetic, cowardly actions !

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