Maintain the (out)rage

Maintain the (out)rage FACAA

Here at FACAA we see and hear of new horror stories daily. From news outlets, inboxes to the page and people contacting us personally we are exposed to a never ending stream of cases of child abuse and neglect. Yes, that takes a toll on us – we are all volunteers and most of us are also survivors still battling our own demons, but we keep fighting because it helps us to heal when we can help others to heal and because we believe that children are worth protecting, nurturing and empowering.

We recognise and appreciate that many of our followers are also survivors of abuse and/or love someone who is. We know how hard it is for you to keep seeing and sharing our posts and we thank you for your support and strength.
Many times we are asked “How can I help?” and my answer for now is “Maintain the outrage” – I don’t mean allow the anger and pain to consume you, I don’t mean turn into an army of vigilantes. If we want real changes we have to do it through the right channels, breaking laws will only see further protections put into place for offenders and the shutting down of charities such as ours.

What we can all do though is to not be silenced – keep sharing posts, keep making reports of children being harmed, keep writing to media outlets and politicians, keep being a welcome support to those going through the trauma of abuse.

We know we are making a difference ! We have changed laws with your help with your rage, your voices raging have changed social attitudes, you’ve changed the way police speak about child exploitation material, your voices have yelled so loudly they have encouraged survivors to come forward and seek life changing help so don’t think that your rage your voice is not making a difference because it is.

We know it can get frustrating but like the posts, share them, make sure you are seeing the page’s posts as priority (Facebook likes to set us to see rarely please switch the option to see first !) if anyone on your friend list asks why tell them “Because we MUST end child abuse once and for all ! We all know that no one just “gets over” abuse, we all want to see abusers locked away, we all want to protect and empower Aussie kids so work with us – help us to raise awareness and fight for real legislative changes. Survivors know the pain of other survivors and there are so many of us – together we are a mighty voice, a force to be reckoned with (GE)

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