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Russell Brian Wood, 27, has been given 25 years behind bars for the brutal murder of Sarah Brown, mother of 5 children. “No AVO was ever going to keep me away from her.” – Russell wood stated to police after killing Sarah.😢

Russell Brian Wood, 27, has been given 25 years behind bars for the brutal murder of Sarah Brown, mother of 5 children.
“No AVO was ever going to keep me away from her.” – Russell wood stated to police after killing Sarah.

Chilling words for anyone who is relying on an AVO (Apprehended Violence Order), to keep them safe from an angry, violent, jealous or vindictive ex. Sadly all those who are pushed to seek an AVO know only too well that a piece of paper will never stop an ex partner who is hell bent on revenge for some perceived slight against them… Usually the crime of finally getting the strength and courage to leave…. No, a piece of paper, a court order, it means nothing to someone who fears they are losing control.

Sarah Brown was the mother of 5 children, now all 5 of these children will grow up without their mother.

Sarah was the victim of a violent abuser and sadly just as she gathered the courage to end the violent relationship with Wood and had an apprehended violence order in place to legally stop him from contacting her, he chose to kill her. This is statistically the most dangerous time for women, most women killed by abusive partners, are killed when they finally make the break… it’s no wonder they fear what will happen when they leave.

Wood is a full blown alcoholic who should not have been drinking, he had made his mind up that no AVO would stop him from being with “the woman he loved.” He saw her at the Mt Druitt tavern, he then went back to her place and waited for her. He beat her, stabbed her and choked her to death and as she lay their dying he lay down next to her and watched as the life left from her.

“No AVO was ever going to keep me away from her,” Wood told police after the killing.

“ I don’t care what any C-word says, there was an AVO and I don’t give a fuck about the AVO”

“I fn laid down with her until she fn died, and that’s the fn love of my life” Wood told police.

Here’s the thing Russell, that’s not how you treat someone you love, you don’t stab or choke or beat someone you love. If you did actually love Sarah then you would not have done any of these things to her. You do not hit someone you love, you however chose to violently abuse Sarah for years. That’s not love you cowardly moron, that’s a petulant child, no even a child knows not to hit others !

You see Russell, and any other partner who domestically abuses their spouse, does not love their spouse. The moment they hit their partner the love is gone and let me tell you a very hard to hear fact…..

The first time they hit you, is the hardest, from there it just gets easier for them to do it again and they will do it again. They are lying if they say it will be the last time because it simply will not be. If your partner has hit you once GET OUT NOW !

Russell like a lot of domestic abusers did not see Sarah as his partner but rather his possession, he saw her as a piece of property to beat when his ego was feeling like it needed a boost and to hurt when he needed to feel good about himself by making someone else feel horrible. This is what these pathetic cowards do, they do not see their partners, as partners or lovers or someone to adore, but instead someone to beat on, someone to belittle, someone to hurt.

No, make no mistake about it Russell and all domestic abusers do not know how to love. If you love someone you do not beat them, you do not push them down and assert dominance over someone, you lift them up and together the two of you become the best you can be.. for each other as much as for yourselves. What Russell did was not love, it was destruction and it was murder.

One of the scariest parts of the report filed by Laura Banks for 7 news Sydney was Russell’s mother who said quite clearly “He is my son and he is innocent” when Laura reminded her that he had stabbed a woman to death her response was “that’s what they say”. Wow, and the worst part is you’re enabling your son’s murderous domestic abuse !

A woman, a mother, has been killed… 5 children will never see their mother again.. a family has been destroyed emotionally, if she couldn’t say she is sorry for what her son did, we at FACAA will. We are so incredibly, heartfelt sorry for your loss and we send all of our love and strength to you.

Rest in Peace Sarah Brown, we hope your children can grow up feeling some sort of peace knowing their mother’s killer will serve at least 19 years hopefully 25 years behind bars for your brutal murder. We also hope they know that what he did was not love but instead ego driven cowardly violence. We also hope they reach out to us if they need help with their healing. We are so very sorry.

The fact is domestic violence is not love, you do not hit someone you love !

If you love them then you never hit them ! – 360

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Child Murdered

Vic mum in hospital after killing baby
JULY 31, 20185:22pm

A woman who killed her own baby will not be sent to jail.Source:istock

Amber Wilson,
A SCHIZOPHRENIC Melbourne woman who slashed her baby’s throat out of fear the world was ending will walk free after completing treatment in a mental health facility.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was sentenced to a 30-month community corrections order in the Supreme Court of Victoria on Tuesday after pleading guilty to infanticide.

The court was told the 13-month-old baby girl died on June 5 last year while the woman was in the midst of a post-natal episode at her suburban Reservoir home.

After she was taken into custody, the 28-year-old told a psychiatrist at the Thomas Embling forensic mental health hospital the end of the world was coming.

The woman believed many people would turn into animals, so she had to protect her daughter by killing her.

She made various claims including that her husband was a devil and had hexed her.

The court was previously told the woman spent at least six stints as a psychiatric inpatient in the lead-up to the killing but was discharged 11 days before the death.

During sentencing on Tuesday, Justice Paul Coghlan said the woman, who had come to Australia as a refugee, “suffered from delusional beliefs” with ongoing schizophrenia and suffering a post-natal episode at the time of the infanticide.

He added she was under the stress of raising a young family in the context of “social-economic adversity”.

The woman had been reluctant to take her medication in the past but was now given antipsychotics both orally and by injection.

Justice Coghlan agreed to release the woman on a community corrections order given that her medication situation had changed, she was less resistant to taking it and now had insight into her condition and offending.

He added the woman’s husband and mental health services needed to be aware of the need to act urgently should her condition deteriorate.

The woman will remain at Thomas Embling for several months until a treatment and risk management plan is established.

She will then be handed over to another mental health facility before she is ultimately released back into the community under supervision.

Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this.

My thoughts are that if someone can cut the throat of their baby, then they are never safe to be around children again.

To set her free feels like unleashing a time bomb to me. (A)

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Kathryn Woods, unrepentant convicted child abuser, believes her victim owes her an apology !

Kathryn Woods, unrepentant convicted child abuser, believes her victim owes her an apology !

Sadly, another day passes and yet another child abuser tries to pass themselves off as the victim. In fact Kathryn here, believes it so much that she has said those exact words… “ I am the victim here, he should be apologizing to me”.
No seriously, she was convicted of sexually abusing a 14 year old boy when she was his 23 years old babysitter and she wants her victim to apologize to her…. WOW!

Sadder still, she has supporters, these morons actually tried to shield her from the press as she walked out of court. Hey supporters of a CONVICTED child abuser, here’s an idea for you, SUPPORT THE SURVIVORS OF CHILD ABUSE, NOT THE PERPETRATORS !
Unbelievable !

A Victorian teacher has refused to apologise to a 14-year-old boy after being sentenced for molesting him in the 1980s. Kathryn Joy Woods was 24 years old when she engaged in a sexual act with the victim, who can only be identified as AB, in 1984. At the time, AB’s parents were overseas on holiday in the United Kingdom, and she was staying with the boy at his home.

She was in a position of trust and this is how she repaid that trust, worse than that, before she was his babysitter this sick freak was his 5th grade teacher and then his tutor ! If you can believe that !

The pair exchanged multiple love letters, however Woods maintained the pair “should not step over the line”, until August that year when she molested him. Woods was found guilty of one count each of indecent assault and gross indecency with a person under 16 by a jury in August. She was acquitted of a further six charges.

Recently Judge Douglas Trapnell sentenced Woods to a two-year community corrections order, and 200 hours of unpaid work. “I consider you have excellent prospects of rehabilitation,” Judge Trapnell said.

The worst part was Judge Trapnell also called her a “person of good character” Judge Trapnell I have a message for you from the members of FACAA via the Royal Commission (it was one of their key recommendations) ……..
Just stop with this stupid belief …….anyone who can abuse a child (which is what she did as stated by your conviction), is NOT a person of good character.

The Judge also said Woods’ offending could not be classified as “grooming”, but instead “situational and occurred as a spontaneous incident.” From the dock, Woods proclaimed her innocence, stating she did not accept the sentence.

“I will be appealing, as the guilty verdicts are not true.”
Outside court, the 59-year-old was flanked by her husband and supporters, who used umbrellas to shield Woods from the news cameras. When asked whether she wanted to apologise to her victim, Woods said: “there wasn’t a victim, he needs to apologise to me.”

There wasn’t a victim…. Well actually there sort of was Ms Woods, there was a victim BECAUSE YOU SEXUALLY ABUSED HIM !

We see this all the time when child abusers refuse to even acknowledge that they’ve committed a crime, they simply don’t see what they are doing as wrong. This is why they can’t be rehabilitated because they simply do not acknowledge their commission of a crime !

To her survivor we applaud your bravery, thank you for standing up for survivors of child abusers everywhere. To Ms Woods we say, accept that you have committed a crime and do your time, or community service as it may well be…. thanks to the judge…

To her supporters and anyone supporting any child abuser anywhere, you are pathetic !
Support those who deserve your support, the survivors, not the abusers !

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David Lewis will serve 2 years behind bars for the repeated  sexual assault of a 14 year old girl, their employer Opera Australia knew about the assaults and rather than call the police, they hired a babysitter !

David Lewis will serve 2 years behind bars for the repeated sexual assault of a 14 year old girl, their employer Opera Australia knew about the assaults and rather than call the police, they hired a babysitter !

Opera singer David Lewis has been sentenced to 3 years’ jail, with a non-parole period of 2 years, for the sexual abuse of a teenage girl, with the judge saying he only stopped offending because he had been caught.

The victim, who was aged 14 and 15 at the time of the attacks, was a member of the children’s chorus for Opera Australia in 1993 and worked in multiple productions with Lewis, who was 34 at the time.

To make matters worse during his grooming of the girl she told him that she was a repeated survivor of child sexual assault. This vile predator knew she was incredibly vulnerable and still chose to take advantage of that vulnerabiity by sexually abusing her !

Judge Sarah Huggett on Friday sentenced Lewis on two counts of sexual intercourse with a person aged between 10 and 16 and took into account three further charges of aggravated indecent assault. While handing down the non-parole sentence of two years, Judge Huggett said she believed Lewis “set out” to exploit the immaturity of the victim “for his own sexual gratification”.

Lewis, a full-time member of the adult chorus, admitted to having ‘a relationship’ with the teenager from December 1993 to April 1995 after his arrest in July 2017. He denied it was sexual in nature.

That was not a relationship, that was rape!
A child cannot give consent and without consent, it is rape!

The court heard Lewis first touched the girl when he kissed and groped her and put his hands inside her underwear next to the stage while a performance was on. During one production Lewis took the young girl to a stairwell at the Opera House, where she performed oral sex on him before being interrupted by a member of the crew.

When the crew member informed the chorus master, Opera Australia, then known as the Australian Opera Company, did not take action against Lewis but instead employed a “childminder”. According to court documents, the childminder was told “the most important thing is that you keep the children away from the adults, and the adults away from the children”.

Opera Australia or Australian Opera Company, whatever you wish to be known as, and anyone else who works with children, listen up…..

How could Opera Australia possibly believe they were doing the right thing by not calling the police, and not firing Lewis.
He should have been fired instantly and the police called immediately !
Opera Australia, you should be charged with child endangerment…. at the very least !

A second offence occurred several months later when Lewis invited the child to his home while his wife was away and sexually abused the teenager in his spa. The survivor, now in her late 30s, explained to the court earlier this year how Lewis would “sneak” her around to different areas of the Sydney Opera House and thought what she was doing was “normal”.

She also told of how Lewis, who was 20 years her senior, “groomed her” into thinking she was “important” and was his “special friend”. Typical behaviour of a predator, grooming his chosen victim into believing they are special and loved.

The survivor met with the offender’s wife in 2010 and told her about the so-called ‘relationship’, before meeting with Lewis in July 2011 where he apologised for his actions during her time in the children’s chorus.

She attended Day Street Police Station in Sydney’s CBD in May 2017, and contacted Lewis in a recorded call where he told her he was “really sorry about what happened” and that their relationship was “not something” he was “really proud of”.

Lewis will be eligible for parole on December 14, 2020. We can only hope that while behind bars he gets some time to contemplate why being a child predator is not a good thing. Like it or not Mr Lewis that’s what you are, a child predator, who groomed then repeatedly attacked a vulnerable child whom you knew had been previously abused..

Opera Australia you should be charged with child endangerment and knowingly covering up a crime, for NOT firing Mr Lewis and NOT calling the police when you knew full well a crime had been committed.

Why someone hasn’t been held accountable for allowing this predator to continue sexually abusing a child, is beyond us !

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“The Kraken” Alfred Lord Tennyson

Below the thunders of the upper deep,
Far, far beneath in the abysmal sea,
His ancient, dreamless, uninvaded sleep
The Kraken sleepeth: faintest sunlights flee
About his shadowy sides; above him swell
Huge sponges of millennial growth and height;
And far away into the sickly light,
From many a wondrous grot and secret cell
Unnumber’d and enormous polypi
Winnow with giant arms the slumbering green
There hath he lain for ages, and will lie
Battening upon huge sea-worms in his sleep,
Until the latter fire shall heat the deep;
Then once by man and angels to be seen,
In roaring he shall rise and on the surface die