Kathryn Woods, unrepentant convicted child abuser, believes her victim owes her an apology !

Kathryn Woods, unrepentant convicted child abuser, believes her victim owes her an apology !

Sadly, another day passes and yet another child abuser tries to pass themselves off as the victim. In fact Kathryn here, believes it so much that she has said those exact words… “ I am the victim here, he should be apologizing to me”.
No seriously, she was convicted of sexually abusing a 14 year old boy when she was his 23 years old babysitter and she wants her victim to apologize to her…. WOW!

Sadder still, she has supporters, these morons actually tried to shield her from the press as she walked out of court. Hey supporters of a CONVICTED child abuser, here’s an idea for you, SUPPORT THE SURVIVORS OF CHILD ABUSE, NOT THE PERPETRATORS !
Unbelievable !

A Victorian teacher has refused to apologise to a 14-year-old boy after being sentenced for molesting him in the 1980s. Kathryn Joy Woods was 24 years old when she engaged in a sexual act with the victim, who can only be identified as AB, in 1984. At the time, AB’s parents were overseas on holiday in the United Kingdom, and she was staying with the boy at his home.

She was in a position of trust and this is how she repaid that trust, worse than that, before she was his babysitter this sick freak was his 5th grade teacher and then his tutor ! If you can believe that !

The pair exchanged multiple love letters, however Woods maintained the pair “should not step over the line”, until August that year when she molested him. Woods was found guilty of one count each of indecent assault and gross indecency with a person under 16 by a jury in August. She was acquitted of a further six charges.

Recently Judge Douglas Trapnell sentenced Woods to a two-year community corrections order, and 200 hours of unpaid work. “I consider you have excellent prospects of rehabilitation,” Judge Trapnell said.

The worst part was Judge Trapnell also called her a “person of good character” Judge Trapnell I have a message for you from the members of FACAA via the Royal Commission (it was one of their key recommendations) ……..
Just stop with this stupid belief …….anyone who can abuse a child (which is what she did as stated by your conviction), is NOT a person of good character.

The Judge also said Woods’ offending could not be classified as “grooming”, but instead “situational and occurred as a spontaneous incident.” From the dock, Woods proclaimed her innocence, stating she did not accept the sentence.

“I will be appealing, as the guilty verdicts are not true.”
Outside court, the 59-year-old was flanked by her husband and supporters, who used umbrellas to shield Woods from the news cameras. When asked whether she wanted to apologise to her victim, Woods said: “there wasn’t a victim, he needs to apologise to me.”

There wasn’t a victim…. Well actually there sort of was Ms Woods, there was a victim BECAUSE YOU SEXUALLY ABUSED HIM !

We see this all the time when child abusers refuse to even acknowledge that they’ve committed a crime, they simply don’t see what they are doing as wrong. This is why they can’t be rehabilitated because they simply do not acknowledge their commission of a crime !

To her survivor we applaud your bravery, thank you for standing up for survivors of child abusers everywhere. To Ms Woods we say, accept that you have committed a crime and do your time, or community service as it may well be…. thanks to the judge…

To her supporters and anyone supporting any child abuser anywhere, you are pathetic !
Support those who deserve your support, the survivors, not the abusers !

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