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Sean Broaders is a high risk child sex offender who has repeatedly escaped his “treatment hospital” and he sees nothing wrong with sexually assaulting teenage girls.

Sean Broaders is a high risk child sex offender who has repeatedly escaped his “treatment hospital” and he sees nothing wrong with sexually assaulting teenage girls.

So recently the Victorian police force put out a call for help to find an “old man”

“VicPol pleading with community to help find an old bloke named Sean Broaders. ‘Police and family have concerns for his welfare due to his age and a medical condition which causes him to become delusional and irrational.’

They forgot to tell you something, he is a ‘high risk’ convicted sex offender who escaped his treatment hospital in 2007.

When they eventually caught up with Broaders he was found in Wollongong after committing a string of offences against woman and girls in the area. So why didn’t the Victorian police force mention the fact he is a convicted sex offender when they said they were looking for him ?

Good question.

Sean Broaders a Victorian paedophile accused of harassing two young female tourists and touching a third on the buttocks at a Wollongong hotel allegedly told police he saw nothing wrong with his actions.

Wollongong Local Court heard Sean Broaders had an extensive criminal history involving unwanted sexual acts towards women and children, with police claiming he has shown a “distinct and deliberate pattern” of preying on the vulnerable.

The most recent charges centre on Broaders’ alleged behaviour towards three women staying at the Sage Hotel on January 19. Court documents said two 18-year-old girls were returning from a walk on the beach when they noticed Broaders sitting on a bench seat outside the hotel, staring directly at them.

He spoke to them briefly, then followed them into the hotel foyer while licking his lips “in a really creepy and disgusting manner”, the women claim. They told police Broaders’ actions made them feel uncomfortable and they were fearful of what else he might do, prompting them to duck into the female toilets in the foyer to get away from him.

The pair contacted family members from inside a cubicle, only exiting when those relatives arrived at the hotel. The matter was reported to hotel staff, who obtained CCTV footage of the incident.

Meanwhile, Broaders allegedly approached a third woman outside the hotel the following afternoon. The 33-year-old told police Broaders followed her to the reception desk and pressed his hand firmly against her buttocks while she was filling out paperwork.

When she turned around she told police that Broaders was the only person there. The woman finished checking in, at which time Broaders allegedly walked to the lift and gestured for her to enter with him.

She told police she felt “extremely uncomfortable and intimidated” by Broaders’ behaviour and retreated to the reception desk for help. Police arrived a short time later and arrested Broaders. He was charged with sexual touching and two counts of stalking/intimidation.

When interviewed by police, the 55-year-old allegedly told them he thought it was okay to touch the older woman as she’d said hello to him prior to the incident and he’d done it “just for fun”. Officers said Broaders saw no issue with his behaviour towards any of the women because he “didn’t get horny about it”.

This is his attitude towards his victims, “nothing wrong because I didn’t get horny about it.” Seriously this guy shouldn’t be allowed in public ever again !

If I were reading a “please find this old man” from the Victorian Police force and I saw him, I’d more than likely go up to him and see if I could help. But this isn’t any ordinary “old man” this is a repeat child sex offender.

Shouldn’t they have perhaps mentioned this in the request for help ? Or even …“STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM HIM, IF YOU FIND HIM CALL US…. DO NOT APPROACH” Might have helped.

This is precisely why we need a sex offenders register ! If Broaders, who most certainly would be on the register, was named, then even if it wasn’t mentioned by the police… we would have been able to check for ourselves.

Someone let us all down big time, by failing to mention that Broaders was a repeat sex offender, something we had the right to know before asking for our help in locating him.

Bring in the register !
Tell your local member you want the register so we can know exactly who we are dealing with in our day to day lives !

For now all we can do is share his face far and wide so when he escapes again (and he will) he can be recognised. When he initially escaped in 2007 he ran from Melbourne to Adelaide. Back then he was known as having an “extensive” criminal history in sexual offences so we would hate to see his sheet now !

When he was returned to the facility he faced no charges, he also ran from his transport vehicle and made his nurses track him down yet again.

Again and again and again he has offended and again and again he has fled and still, because of the way our laws are, we aren’t allowed to know who is a danger to us and especially to our children. We need those laws changed and we needed them changed yesterday !

Bring in the register ! Tell your local member you want to have access to a publicly searchable sex offenders register, it’s well overdue.

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