Anne Maree Lee has been sentenced for her part in the death of her son Mason, but she could be free as early as July !

Anne Maree Lee has been sentenced for her part in the death of her son Mason, but she could be free as early as July !

What can you do about it ?

This vile so called “mother” did NOTHING to help her son, Mason Jett Lee, after her then boyfriend William O’Sullivan beat him so badly he died 5 days later !
She has been sentenced to 9 years behind bars for her horrendous crimes, however with time served she could be free in July this year !


So for those who don’t know, or those who may have forgotten, here is a list of the injuries suffered by little Mason in his short life, due to the neglect of his so called mother Anne Maree Lee and the abusive violent actions of her boyfriend William Andrew O’ Sullivan.

● Cellulitis, likely caused by an insect bite that became infected
● Prolapsed anus, likely due to internal pressure from abdominal passage or large, hard stools
● Jacquet’s dermatitis, a rare form of nappy rash
● Fractured leg, caused Mason to limp
● Constipation
● Abscess
● Mouth ulcers
● Perforated duodenum (a segment of the small intestine), caused death after vomiting, abdominal pain, fever. People who saw him described him as pale, looking unwell and having dark eyes staring blankly
● Peritonitis, inflammation of the membrane lining the abdominal wall
● Septicaemia, which meant faecal matter fatally contaminated his bloodstream
● Fractured coccyx, found in autopsy. Prosecution speculated was caused by kicking
● Bruises, caused by fingertips to forehead, jaw, chest and abdomen.

Lee tearfully pleaded guilty on Wednesday to the manslaughter of Mason, who died five days after a blow from Lee’s then partner, in Caboolture in June 2016. Lee broke down in court after admitting to killing him by not getting medical treatment after he was dealt a fatal blow.
She sobbed through most of the sentencing hearing with her head in her hands after pleading guilty to the manslaughter of her 22-month-old.

Little Mason spent his final hours wrapped in a towel with blue lips, making grunting noises, five days after Lee’s partner William Andrew O’Sullivan punched him, in Caboolture, north of Brisbane, in June 2016.

She sobbed and cried not because she was sad for what her son endured, but because she was about to be sent to prison ! This absolutely vile thing does not deserve the title of “mother,” but instead should be called a child killer! Even though she did not inflict the fatal blow, Prosecutors believe as his mother and “primary caregiver”, Lee’s criminality was greater than O’Sullivan’s.
Her crimes were as bad, if not worse, because she did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING…. she showed an absolute criminal indifference to the painful suffering her son endured before finally succumbing to his injuries !

Lee knew exactly what the monster she was leaving her children with was capable of, she knew her children would flee from him when he walked in the door, and hide under the bed whenever he would come over. She knew he was a violent drug addict with a savage temper, unafraid to lash out at her or her children. This pathetic coward would hurt anyone who caused him any form of inconvenience and she knew exactly what he was, yet still she left her children in his care… because the fact is she chose to put her drugs ahead of her child.

Lee left the innocent and vulnerable 22 month old Mason at O’Sullivan’s home and stormed off after a fight in which he threatened violence. The couple had been together for about a year but did not live together. Lee’s part in Mason’s slow and painful death was not getting medical treatment for her son after O’Sullivan ruptured his small intestine. Mason died five days after the blow, and traces of methamphetamine were found in his blood.

Five months before his death, Lee — like O’Sullivan — failed to get her son medical treatment for serious leg and anus injuries. She also pleaded guilty to child cruelty last Wednesday. Prosecutors believe his fatal injuries would have been “survivable” had he been given medical treatment, and blamed Lee for Mason’s death for failing to do so.

The court heard Mason struggled with horrific injuries in the months leading up to his death. He was in such severe pain doctors were forced to give the toddler a narcotic infusion in early 2016. Doctors held Mason in hospital for 25 days in February 2016 and despite a paediatrician describing the baby’s injuries as the worst he had seen in his 40 years of work, he was eventually released.

In court, Lee also sobbed when prosecutors said the mother had failed to remove Mason from her then boyfriend’s care, despite knowing the man was prone to violence. “For reasons that are unknown, she left Mason at (O’Sullivan’s) home,” crown prosecutor Michael Byrne QC said.

The couple had been together for about a year but did not live together. “She knew (O’Sullivan) was prone to extreme outbursts of anger,” Mr Byrne told the court. “He was a jealous and possessive man.”

O’Sullivan, was sentenced to nine years in jail in June last year after pleading guilty to manslaughter and a child cruelty charge. Mason was left in agony for five days after he was punche so severely his organs ruptured. O’Sullivan did nothing to help the boy.

His sentencing heard he had taken Mason to his home because he did not believe Lee was capable of caring for him. O’Sullivan, who had long battled an addiction to drugs, particularly ice, tried to cover up his involvement in Mason’s death by blaming paramedics for responding slowly. However, they took only six minutes to arrive at the home after being called by a friend.

William O’Sullivan also lied to police by saying he found Mason with his lips blue and mouth clamped on a bottle before calling an ambulance and later claimed his 12-year-old “serial killer” daughter may have beaten him.

Typical pathetic cowardly child beater behaviour “nothing is my fault everything is the fault of someone else”. William O’ Sullivan you are pathetic ! He has been beaten severely in prison, so no doubt he is serving the remainder of his sentence in protective custody.

So what can you do about the ridiculous sentence handed to Mason Jett Lee’s so called “mother” who did nothing to help him, when the innocent little man needed it most ?

Well once again you can call upon QLD Attorney General Yvette D’Ath to make the appeal. She did so with O’Sullivan and has done so a few times now so please send her an email at –

Tell her you are a proud FACAA and you want to see the sentence handed to Anne Maree Lee appealed and increased to equal the pain endured by little Mason thanks to her heinous neglect of him.

Mason Jett Lee deserved much better than the treatment he received at the hands of his “mother” and her boyfriend.
His mother, her boyfriend and his roommate, they all played a direct part in the horrific and painful death Mason suffered and all should receive life sentences, just like little Mason did. His life was taken from him due to their actions and/or inactions, they deserve no less.

For those saying, “well she didn’t kill him,” we will end with this quote-
“We must all fear evil men/women, but there is another kind of evil that we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good men/women.” ….
One more-
“Mother is the name of God on the lips and hearts of children everywhere.”

Rest in Peace little Mason, we will continue to fight on in your name !

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