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Life is like a bunch of roses. Some sparkle like raindrops. Some fade when there's no sun. Some just fade away in time. Some dance in many colors. Some drop with hanging wings. Some make you fall in love. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Life you can be sure of, you will not get out ALIVE.(sorry about that)

Former Marist Brother Darcy John O’Sullivan an unrepentant child molester has had 8 years added onto his sentence after he tried for a reduction because someone hit him with a loaf of bread.

Former Marist Brother Darcy John O’Sullivan an unrepentant child molester has had 8 years added onto his sentence after he tried for a reduction because someone hit him with a loaf of bread.

Oh wow do I wish we were making this stuff up, but seriously…. this completely unrepentant child molester (he honestly told the court that it was HE who was the victim), tried to get a reduction in his sentence because he claimed that being hit in the head with a loaf of bread was a “vision of things to come,” referring to being assaulted by other inmates. IT WAS A LOAF OF BREAD !

Fortunately, sanity for once prevailed and instead of a reduction, he had 8 years ADDED to his 6 year sentence because more of his victims were found in between trials !
Talk about a major backfire and mis-calculation by him and his legal team !

A paedophile priest who sexually abused 27 young boys has had his appeal for a shorter sentence rejected after claiming he deserved one because he was hit with a loaf of bread in prison. Former New South Wales Marist Brother Darcy John O’Sullivan, 80, was jailed for six years in 2016 for 22 historic child sex offences between 1971 and 1983.

O’Sullivan has always maintained that he is the true victim and told the court he feared for his safety in jail because he had already been ‘assaulted’. He alleged another inmate had hit him in the head with a loaf of bread and argued it was an indication of the future he faces in prison.

What an absolute abhorrent joke of a man you are Darcy, to sexually assault so many students, like you did, and then claim to be the victim….are you for real?

We couldn’t be happier that your sentence was increased, in fact more than doubled Your total lack of remorse for your crimes or empathy for your survivors should have been enough to put you behind for the rest of your natural life !

However in the Sydney District Court Judge Kate Traill not only rejected his appeal but added another eight years to his sentence after more offences were uncovered. Judge Traill told the court O’Sullivan exhibited no remorse, no empathy for his victims, and ‘no insight into his offending.
(He) shows a total lack of understanding of the magnitude of his predatory offending,’ she said.

O’Sullivan pleaded guilty in 2016 to the charges of child sex crimes against 12 students from the Marist Brothers College in Hamilton and at the St Marys High School in Casino. However he contradicted his initial guilty plea during his most recent trial date.

‘I absolutely deny to this court, to her honour, that I have ever indulged in that sort of behaviour in all of my life,’ O’Sullivan told the court. But O’Sullivan also detailed times he had ‘fondled boys genitalia’ inside the classroom, the school halls and the playground.

He described his actions as ‘ showing a paternal interest’ and being ‘in a kind of semi-affectionate manner to a number of my students….. Right there we have the problem with child molesters and rapists, they cannot be rehabilitated because they simply do not see what they are doing as being a problem, let alone a crime ! Child abusers see what they do to children as “affection” or “love” but let me tell you outright once and for all. WHAT THEY DO TO CHILDREN DESTROYS THEM, YOU DO NOT DESTROY SOMETHING YOU CLAIM TO LOVE ! LOVE HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS, CHILD ABUSERS DO NOT LOVE THEIR VICTIMS THEY SEEK TO DOMINATE AND DESTROY THEM.

Judge Traill imposed the extra eight years on his sentence after his crimes against a further 15 students were detailed.

O’Sullivan denied to the court that he had any sexual attraction to boys and said he gained no sexual gratification from his actions. ‘I know and understand my own sexuality. I know when I’ve been physically attracted to women. I know when I’ve been in love with women. That doesn’t make me someone as you describe,’ he said.

He won’t even admit he has done anything at all, let alone done anything wrong. What possible hope is there for him and his kind to be rehabilitated. Child abusers can NOT be rehabilitated and anyone telling you they can has a very big vested interest (such as getting paid to provide these programs) in providing that so called “rehabilitation.”

O’Sullivan did not garner sympathy from Judge Traill for being hit in the head with a loaf of bread, an incident she described as ‘relatively minor’. After the court ruling the Facebook page for the Marist Brothers College in Hamilton posted a status condemning their abuse.

‘To the brothers of Hamilton Marist Brothers high school, I have a question … ‘Why’,’ the status read. ‘Why were some (of) you such b******* to us kids and such hypocrites in what you were supposed to be standing for in the Catholic Church system?’ …. Why indeed!

Darcy John O’Sullivan thank you for proving our point that child sex abusers (which is what you are, if you want to admit it or not) can NEVER be rehabilitated. You have no remorse you don’t even think you’ve committed a crime… in fact you believe that it is YOU who is the victim.

We thank you for being arrogant enough to believe that you deserved time off for being “assaulted” with a loaf of bread. If you hadn’t been so entitled and arrogant then your sentence may have remained at 6 years and not the 14 years which it now is….

Our thoughts remain with your survivors who suffered at your filthy hands and went on to struggle with the pain and trauma of being sexually abused by someone in a position of power, someone seemingly above reproach and all that entails.

We hope this sentence helps to vindicate you all and that it empowers you to know we believe you and we are very sorry for the pain you suffered due to the actions of this sick pervert. Everyone now knows exactly what he is and what he did to you innocent children.
We hope you all find peace.

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When anxiety speaks to us we have to realize that it says nothing but lies !

Survivors of child abuse are all too often plagued by anxiety and depression, our abusers groom us deliberately isolating us from our support networks, by the time the trauma is over we are left with lifelong battles against depression and the horrendous lies of anxiety.

So what is anxiety exactly ? According to it is,

Anxiety is defined as:

A state of uneasiness, apprehension; as about future uncertainties. A state of apprehension, uncertainty, and fear resulting from anticipation of a realistic or fantasized threatening event or situation, often impairing physical and psychological functioning.

In other words, anxiety occurs when we behave (think and act) in an apprehensive manner, such as when worrying about an event or situation. With this in mind, anxiety is not a force or ‘thing’ in itself. It’s a state of uneasiness that results when we worry. More about this in a moment.
Because imagining the future in an apprehensive manner is a behavior, it’s not caused by a biological, chemical, or genetic problem with the brain. Anxiety results from a certain style of behavior.

That’s the technical definition of it, to me anxiety is that constant lying bastard that tells you that you’re not and never will be good enough for anything that you deserve or even already have.

One example is the a few years ago my former boss messaged me and said “can you call me please, but wait until you get to work” ….. I spent about an hour obsessing over if I should call him or wait until I got to work but I wanted to call because I was convinced he was furious with me for some reason, so I rang him and he rejected the call. Of course in my head it was because he was so angry with me he couldn’t possibly speak to me. So I spent the next hour obsessing over what I could have done to make him so mad that he would reject my call.

As it turns out he rejected my call because he was on the phone to his boss discussing giving me a pay rise, when I got to work he needed me to call him because he was at home on a conference call with his boss discussing my pay rise and new responsibilities and I had to get the orders done for him as well as my job while he was on the conference call.

If I had listened to my anxieties I would have lost my job because I would have pestered my boss to the point of actually making him furious.

This is another insidious way that survivors can destroy their ability to live up to their potential, self sabotage is all too common among survivors of child abuse. A lot of this self sabotage is due to the fact we listen to our anxieties rather than realizing them to be the lying bastards they actually are.

It’s not easy, but when anxiety whispers or even yells, we have to realize that what it is saying is not reality, or even based in reality. We have to realize that it is another symptom of our survival and as such should not be listened to or acted upon.

The toughest part is differentiating between our anxieties and depressive thoughts and reality, we need mechanisms to spot the difference and know which one to act upon and which one to ignore. Doing this can mean the difference between success and failure in a lot of circumstances, it can be the difference between being held back and striving forward in life.

Sadly I don’t have a definitive answer as to how to learn to spot the difference, for me it’s been a series of trial and error as I am a big fan of my gut instincts but even they can all too often be tainted by my depression and anxieties.

I recommend critical (but not too critical) self analysis and being open and honest with loved ones and partners so when you self sabotage your relationships with them they can see it for what it is and hopefully be patient enough to help guide you through it and recognize it as anxiety and depression guiding you down a false path rather than your actual thoughts and feelings.

Learn to recognize when depression and anxiety are settling in and find activities that can break you out of that funk. I use martial arts and fitness, body work is very important to get you moving, release positive endorphins and flood your system with dopamine and adrenaline. Both of which can break depression and fight off anxiety.

If martial arts or fitness aren’t your thing consider a hike in the bush, Australia has some of the best bush in the world. Plan a good hike, take a friend or loved one and just go, take your phones (for gps) and plenty of water and enjoy 😊

A very dear friend of mine uses dance, she literally shakes it off and that works for her and works wonders. Whatever works for you find it and smash it ! Do whatever it takes to fight off the depression and anxiety and don’t let them get hold of you.

Anxiety can whisper or it can yell, but one thing is for sure it is very good at holding us back, making us believe bad things are sure to happen. It leads us to the kind of self talk that sabotages us and our ability to reach our well deserved potential.

Find what works for you, counseling is always a good place to start, anything healthy and positive that helps you to gain control of your thoughts, and helps you to stop your anxieties from taking over is worth pursuing.

We know it isn’t easy, but it is possible. You are worthy and you do deserve the best of everything this life has to offer !

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South Australian music teacher Trenton John Wickers was today sentenced to 8-10 years in prison after being convicted of sexually assaulting 4 of his teenage students.

South Australian music teacher Trenton John Wickers was today sentenced to 8-10 years in prison after being convicted of sexually assaulting 4 of his teenage students.

Trenton John Wickers, 49, was found guilty last month of five counts of indecent assault and one count of unlawful sexual intercourse. He committed the offences against four female students, who were aged between 13 and 15, at three different schools where he taught during the 1990s.

During the trial, prosecutor Ryan Williams said Wickers invited three of the four victims to take private music lessons with him outside of class, usually during lunchtimes or after school. “Your honour will hear on their accounts the various acts of sexual offending occurred in their respective music rooms with the curtains or blinds drawn,” he said.

The court heard Wickers preyed upon one of the girls during a school excursion. Mr Williams said Wickers gained his victims’ trust by making them feel “special”, passing them notes and giving them preferential treatment over other students.

“The accused, a young, popular teacher, would engage in personal conversations which built rapport and in the case of three of [the victims] led to a development of a trusting relationship, more like a friend than a teacher,” he said.

This so called teacher showed clear and definite grooming and predatory behaviours, he is most certainly a child abuser who preys upon vulnerable teenage girls who were in his classroom.

One of his brave survivors Anna Bartsch showed true courage to stand up and fight to have the suppression order removed that kept Wickers’ identity a secret, because the world MUST know how much of a predator this guy is.

Wickers groomed his victims before subjecting them to inappropriate hugging, touching and kissing. The court heard all four of his victims agreed Wicker’s conduct was, “brazen sexual offending with a high risk of detection”. Two of the victims reported Wickers to the police at the time of the offending but he was not charged until the allegations resurfaced during the 2015 Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

The court heard that in 1996 the Education Department sent Wickers a letter stipulating he was not allowed to conduct one-on-one tuition with students or have contact with students outside of school hours unless accompanied by another staff member.

Despite the police reports and the department’s warning he continued to be employed as a high school music teacher. Sadly we hear of this all the time where despite warnings government departments continue to allow predators to teach kids or be in other roles of trust with children. We hope someone lost their job over this one, but we highly doubt it.

One of his victims, Anna Bartsch, waived a statutory suppression on her identity to speak out in hope it might encourage other victims of sexual offending to come forward.

“I hope this outcome gives people some faith and confidence to come forward. It is a difficult process and often it doesn’t go the way people would like it to but it’s restored my faith in the system in this case,” she said.

Wickers unsuccessfully fought to keep the suppression on his identity, taking the matter to the Full Court of the Supreme Court which shows just how much courage his survivor Anna Bartsh showed to take this as far as it needed to go !

Well done Anna ! Your courage has made a difference and we hope that if there are others out there who were abused by Wickers, they now know they are not alone and can find the strength to seek justice. Thank you

Ms Bartsch made submissions to the court, arguing in favour of the suppression being lifted so Wickers could be publicly named. “I’m pleased the name is out there, I think it will be a name familiar to a lot of people in Adelaide and sadly it won’t come as a huge surprise to a lot of those people,” she said.

“He’s shown no remorse, he’s not acknowledged what impact this has had on the lives of anybody, other than himself, and that’s a sad state of affairs.”

Wickers had his bail revoked earlier this month, and was sentenced today in the South Australian District Court by Judge Simon Stretton. He was given 10 years in prison with an 8 years non-parole period for his deliberate and predatory behaviours and massive betrayal of trust. He betrayed the trust placed in him by the parents of his students, by the school and by the community.

Judge Stretton said ” You used your position as the new, young, hip music teacher in a series of schools to get close to the four young female students in question and sexually offend against them.”

Now before any of Wickers’ fans come on this post and say anything about him being a good teacher, or trying to victim blame, lets just make it very clear…
HE WAS A TEACHER in a position of trust and he was an adult !

The children he sexually abused were just that, CHILDREN.. and as such they could not give consent, and for the record he was in a position of power and HE GROOMED his victims so please don’t bother commenting if you are only here to tell us he was a good teacher……. GOOD TEACHERS DON’T RAPE THEIR STUDENTS ! (No consent equals rape, children cannot give consent) End of story !

Trenton Wickers you are a child predator and should be locked up for a long time, if not for the bravery of one of the girls who survived your cowardly attacks Anna Bartsch, we would not even know your name.
Thank you Anna.

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A 78 Year old Illawarra Grandfather charged with sexually assaulting his granddaughter from the age of 8 to 11 years has appallingly tried to claim……..
“She made me do it.”….
Just let that sink in for a second….

He claims his granddaughter made him sexually assault her !!! Unbelievable…A 78-year-old Illawarra man arrested on child molestation charges took the extraordinary step of telling police his eight-year-old victim was to blame, saying “she made me do it” The man, who cannot be named because the victim is his granddaughter, claimed the young girl made sexual advances towards him over a three-year period in the early 2000s when she was aged 8-11 and he was in his 60s.

“She asked me to do it,” he said when questioned following his arrest in January this year.

“She would sit on my lap and be all over me every day.”
He even told officers at the end of the interview that he was “disappointed” the victim had made a statement to police as she had “come onto” him. The man’s comments concerned Magistrate Peter Thompson, who sentenced the man in Wollongong Local Court on Friday.

“His comments after his arrest cause me significant concern as they demonstrate his lack of insight and remorse,” he said.

We couldn’t agree more Magistrate Thompson, this shows he clearly takes no responsibility for his actions at all, infact he seems to believe he is the victim.

Court documents said the man often looked after his granddaughter for his alcoholic son and the pair were frequently home alone when the man’s wife went to church.

The victim recalled several assaults took place in secluded spots on the Port Kembla docks: on one occasion he had her masturbate him, while on another he made her sit on top of him while he moved her up and down quickly as he pushed his penis against her vagina.

She disclosed the incident to family members in 2017 before making a statement to police, leading to her grandfather’s arrest.

Congratulations to this brave survivor for having the courage to speak out and seek justice. We know iIt’s not easy to tell family and friends and most importantly to face your abuser, especially when they are trying to blame you! We applaud you and should you need help in dealing with your trauma we have some spectacular schools in your area that would love to help you out.

On Last Friday, defence barrister Duncan Berents told the court his client was well respected in his migrant community and an active member of social clubs and his local church group.

Why does any of this matter Mr Berents ? Who cares what he WAS, he is now and forever will be, the monster that sexually abused his own granddaughter.

He said the man had a number of health conditions that would make jail time more onerous on him than others in his position. However, Magistrate Thompson said the seriousness of the man’s actions warranted a full-time jail sentence, despite his advanced age.

Once again well done Magistrate Thompson.

He set a 16-month maximum sentence, with a minimum non-parole period of eight months.

No this is not even slightly good enough, however it would have more than likely been a part of a plea deal with the defendant to have the severity of the charges reduced.
Why we make these deals is beyond us here at FACAA.

The man handed his possessions to supporters before being taken downstairs to the holding cells by prison staff.

What we would like to know is who is supporting this predator ? Seriously, if you are in a court room supporting an incestuous paedophile, instead of supporting the child/adult he sexually abused, something is very wrong.

In stereotypical child rapist arrogance and self righteous behaviour, he immediately lodged a severity appeal and sought release on bail in front of Magistrate Mark Douglass. However, Magistrate Douglass rejected the application, saying he didn’t believe the man’s severity appeal had much of a chance of succeeding.

“My view is this sentence [will] probably be viewed as lenient,” he said.

Well done Magistrate Douglass, we wholeheartedly agree with you.

The man’s appeal will be heard in November. We at FACAA would like to see time added onto his sentence for the arrogance of challenging such a lenient punishment.

What an absolutely abhorrent, arrogant monster this vile predator is and to think he had supporters in the community !
Wow, just wow ! Lawyers have a job to do, but to support a child rapist by choice, well that’s just unbelievable !

This brave survivor deserves support, not the grandchild raping horror that tried to blame a child for his pathetic, cowardly actions !

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Peter Hollingworth was Governor-General until it was proven that he protected a paedophile priest. The time has come for him to lose his pension of over $600,000 per year !

FORMER Australian Governor-General Dr Peter Hollingworth should be stripped of his $600,000 a year entitlement after it was found he protected paedophiles during his time as Anglican Archbishop

We at FACAA are once again echoing calls made by Hetty Johnston and Bravehearts, this time we are joining them in calling for Peter Hollingworth to lose his pension, we would like to see him pay back the funds he has received thus far too, but hey we know that will never happen.

Dr Hollingworth was appointed Governor-General in 2001, but he resigned in 2003 in utter disgrace ! after an inquiry found he allowed a paedophile priest to continue working until retirement. This enquiry was spearheaded by friends of FACAA Hetty Johnston and Amanda Gearing.

The 83-year-old gave evidence to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in 2016, which included an apology to an abuse victim. Dr Hollingworth issued a statement through his lawyer Bill Doogue on Wednesday, saying reports police were reviewing allegations were surprising given the allegations “had been the subject of four inquiries in the past 15 years”.

“None of those inquiries suggested he had committed any offence,” Mr Doogue said in a statement.

“These inquiries included the royal commission which examined the issues at length.

“Dr Hollingworth says he is aware that some of his opponents have been making complaints to police for some time but he had never been approached or interviewed by police.”

Funny thing, Peter Hollingworth apologised for his part in hiding the paedophile priest but then said that none of the inquires suggested he committed any offence ??Mate you have admitted committing an offence, you do know that hiding child rapists from justice is an offence, right ?

This seems amazingly arrogant, to apologise for committing a crime then say, but no one has ever found I’ve committed a crime… you know, except you… But then again I’d be arrogant too if I worked for 2 years and was given a lifetime pension of over half a million dollars per year.

Yes you read that correctly, the age of entitlement is over for everyone except the ex-governor general apparently. He works for just 2 years and gets an annual pension of $357,732, as well as a Commonwealth-funded office and staff in the prestigious 101 Collins St building in Melbourne’s CBD.

Documents provided under Freedom of Information show that in 2015-16, Dr Hollingworth spent more than $275,000 on office and travel expenses, on top of his pension for that year of $328,000. In the six years between 2010 and 2016, his office and travel expenses alone totalled almost $1.5 million.

This is a man who by his own admission allowed a child rapist to keep working until he retired !

Give FACAA just 1 year of his pension and we will take a huge chunk out of child abuse !

We have to ask….Why does he get any tax payer funded pension ?

He admitted that he knowingly allowed a child rapist to continue working with children, for that ….

Philip Wilson was convicted, Peter Hollingworth can and should be too !

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Scope Of Psychology

Scope Of Psychology
From the definition of psychology now it might be clear to you that psychology addresses a variety of issues related to the mental and behavioural functioning of an individual. Such a study helps us to develop a basic understanding of human nature and facilitates us to deal with some personal and social problems.

The study of human beings starts with the functioning of biological systems especially the nervous system. Under jumpy central system psychology studies the functions of various parts of the brain which regulate our feelings, emotions and thinking. Within the autonomic nervous system, the role of hormones and neurotransmitters in determining our behaviour is essential. Also psychology studies as to how a given socio-cultural environment interacts with natural biological, intellectual and social attributes of the child and facilitates the healthy development of the child.

As a living organism, you encounter a lot of sensory input every moment. Your task is not only to process that information but to store and retrieve it when it is required to be used. Attention and perception help to process information. Memory helps us to register, retain and retrieve data, and thinking provides us with the ability to manipulate and improve the stored data. Within psychology, all these are studied in the domain of higher mental processes or cognition.

In your life, you must have come across many persons who have reached the highest level of accomplishment. But such a feat is not attained at once; it is the result of continuous learning in which the individual acquires the necessary skills and competencies through regular practice. Psychology helps us to understand the processes involved in reaching this high level of accomplishment.

To understand the purpose behind any behaviour psychologists uses the concept of motivation. It primarily focuses on the investment of mental energy and consistency of effort towards achieving the set goals. The various shades of feelings such as anger, fear, love, joy, and sadness which we experience during our life are studied within the realm of emotion.

You will certainly agree that no two individuals are the same regarding their physical attributes such as height, weight, skin colour or facial features as well as psychological traits such as intelligence, personality, temperament and interest. An understanding of these and other aspects of individual differences facilitates the psychologist to select the right person for the right job and to provide guidance and counselling for various matters of personal as well as professional concern. The understanding of individual differences also helps the psychologist to differentiate between normative (customary, accepted) and abnormal (deviant, unusual) behaviours.

Thus psychology as a discipline has a vast scope. It not only studies human beings across the lifespan but also tries to explore mental processes and potentials to facilitate achieving a better quality of life.

(SOUTHAMPTON, U.K.) Court Report: A sex offender who claims to be transgender has been jailed for 11 years a fter pretending to be a boy to try and groom a girl as Jacinta Brooks, 41, he asked a 12-year-old girl to se nd indecent pictures of herself – the third time she/he is known to have targeted children after he had previously been released in 2003 for similar offences and is a danger to children #AceNewsDesk reports

Mathew Reale , PURE EVIL

Mathew Reale, former Catholic school teacher has been given at least 2 years behind bars for possession of 35,000 images and 2600 videos of child exploitation.

Unlike his mate Ben McCormack, at least he’s going behind bars, I guess. Maybe that’s one positive we can take from this considering 2 years minimum, 4 years maximum isn’t exactly an appropriate sentence for assisting in the destruction of potentially every child in those 37,600 images….. that’s a lhelluva lot of young lives…..

No, a maximum of 4 years behind bars for that much child exploitation material, plus being the chat buddy of “Proud pedo” Ben McCormack and talking about raping babies. It just shows how our legal system really doesn’t value the lives of children and definitely doesn’t understand or rate the level of damage done by those predators who choose to view these images.

Without consumers there would be no product, no need for children to be exploited and sexually abused for the entertainment of these scumbags who try to convince us they are harming no one. The fact is children all around the world are photographed and videoed being sexually and physically abused for the entertainment of predators like Mathew Reale. There is most definitely a victim in this crime, there are many thousands and thousands of children being abused to keep consumers like Reale satisfied.
When you realise that…..there really ceases to be much of a positive in this sentence at all !

Mathew Paul Reale, 30, pleaded guilty to 12 charges including producing, possessing and distributing child exploitation material, and using electronic communication to expose a child to indecent matter.

Reale, whose offending spanned from June 2015 to February 2017, ….at this point in the report the major news outlets all went into some rant about how hard it was for Reale growing up in a sexually oppressive Catholic household blah blah blah! For some inexplicable reason it seems like they want us to almost feel sorry for this abhorrent scum. Why do they do this ? I couldn’t care less about how hard it was for him growing up, Imagine growing up as one of the thousands of children whose childhoods he helped destroy by downloading images and videos of them being horrendously abused !

Reale also sent a photograph of one of his students to a man online, describing him as his favourite, but his lawyer Abigail Rogers said he had no sexual interest in his students and never intended to act on his fantasies. Well if only we all could be as sure of Reales intentions towards his students. Sorry Ms Rogers but we don’t have the faith in him that you seem to have and we certainly wouldn’t risk a child’s life by ever letting him teach again.

Some material showed sadism, bondage and bestiality, with one distressed child wearing a dog collar while being sexually abused. Judge Glancy said Reale’s offending was prolific and at the higher end of the scale of seriousness, describing the child exploitation material as vile and abhorrent.

She said his communication with other men encouraged them to offend against children.
“The degree of perversion … is very high,” Judge Glancy said.
“These were not victimless crimes.
“The harm done to these children is incalculable.”

These are the judge’s comments, and yet the major papers still insisted on trying to make us feel sorry for Reale and his upbringing.

Reale must serve at least two years behind bars before he can be eligible for parole. Other predators caught in this ring included disgraced A Current Affair reporter Ben McCormack, who pleaded guilty in Sydney to two counts of using a carriage service to transmit, publish or promote child pornography. He was sentenced last year to a $1000, three-year good behaviour bond. Leon Mario Berger pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography and was sentenced this year to 10 months imprisonment.

All the pain these monsters caused and wanted to cause and still together all 3 of them received a MAXIMUM of 58 months behind bars in total.

And this lot are on the high end of offending, that’s how much our legal system values the lives of children. All those innocent kids being horrendously abused, photographed and videoed for their pleasure…

Remember without a consumer, a viewer of these images and videos, there would be no industry of children being sexually and physically abused for their entertainment and this is the punishment we dole out…..Absolutely pathetic sentences.

Mathew Reale, as glad as we are that you are now behind bars where you belong, we sincerely wish it was for a LOT longer !

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