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Russell Brian Wood, 27, has been given 25 years behind bars for the brutal murder of Sarah Brown, mother of 5 children. “No AVO was ever going to keep me away from her.” – Russell wood stated to police after killing Sarah.😢

Russell Brian Wood, 27, has been given 25 years behind bars for the brutal murder of Sarah Brown, mother of 5 children.
“No AVO was ever going to keep me away from her.” – Russell wood stated to police after killing Sarah.

Chilling words for anyone who is relying on an AVO (Apprehended Violence Order), to keep them safe from an angry, violent, jealous or vindictive ex. Sadly all those who are pushed to seek an AVO know only too well that a piece of paper will never stop an ex partner who is hell bent on revenge for some perceived slight against them… Usually the crime of finally getting the strength and courage to leave…. No, a piece of paper, a court order, it means nothing to someone who fears they are losing control.

Sarah Brown was the mother of 5 children, now all 5 of these children will grow up without their mother.

Sarah was the victim of a violent abuser and sadly just as she gathered the courage to end the violent relationship with Wood and had an apprehended violence order in place to legally stop him from contacting her, he chose to kill her. This is statistically the most dangerous time for women, most women killed by abusive partners, are killed when they finally make the break… it’s no wonder they fear what will happen when they leave.

Wood is a full blown alcoholic who should not have been drinking, he had made his mind up that no AVO would stop him from being with “the woman he loved.” He saw her at the Mt Druitt tavern, he then went back to her place and waited for her. He beat her, stabbed her and choked her to death and as she lay their dying he lay down next to her and watched as the life left from her.

“No AVO was ever going to keep me away from her,” Wood told police after the killing.

“ I don’t care what any C-word says, there was an AVO and I don’t give a fuck about the AVO”

“I fn laid down with her until she fn died, and that’s the fn love of my life” Wood told police.

Here’s the thing Russell, that’s not how you treat someone you love, you don’t stab or choke or beat someone you love. If you did actually love Sarah then you would not have done any of these things to her. You do not hit someone you love, you however chose to violently abuse Sarah for years. That’s not love you cowardly moron, that’s a petulant child, no even a child knows not to hit others !

You see Russell, and any other partner who domestically abuses their spouse, does not love their spouse. The moment they hit their partner the love is gone and let me tell you a very hard to hear fact…..

The first time they hit you, is the hardest, from there it just gets easier for them to do it again and they will do it again. They are lying if they say it will be the last time because it simply will not be. If your partner has hit you once GET OUT NOW !

Russell like a lot of domestic abusers did not see Sarah as his partner but rather his possession, he saw her as a piece of property to beat when his ego was feeling like it needed a boost and to hurt when he needed to feel good about himself by making someone else feel horrible. This is what these pathetic cowards do, they do not see their partners, as partners or lovers or someone to adore, but instead someone to beat on, someone to belittle, someone to hurt.

No, make no mistake about it Russell and all domestic abusers do not know how to love. If you love someone you do not beat them, you do not push them down and assert dominance over someone, you lift them up and together the two of you become the best you can be.. for each other as much as for yourselves. What Russell did was not love, it was destruction and it was murder.

One of the scariest parts of the report filed by Laura Banks for 7 news Sydney was Russell’s mother who said quite clearly “He is my son and he is innocent” when Laura reminded her that he had stabbed a woman to death her response was “that’s what they say”. Wow, and the worst part is you’re enabling your son’s murderous domestic abuse !

A woman, a mother, has been killed… 5 children will never see their mother again.. a family has been destroyed emotionally, if she couldn’t say she is sorry for what her son did, we at FACAA will. We are so incredibly, heartfelt sorry for your loss and we send all of our love and strength to you.

Rest in Peace Sarah Brown, we hope your children can grow up feeling some sort of peace knowing their mother’s killer will serve at least 19 years hopefully 25 years behind bars for your brutal murder. We also hope they know that what he did was not love but instead ego driven cowardly violence. We also hope they reach out to us if they need help with their healing. We are so very sorry.

The fact is domestic violence is not love, you do not hit someone you love !

If you love them then you never hit them ! – 360

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(SOUTHAMPTON, U.K.) Court Report: A sex offender who claims to be transgender has been jailed for 11 years a fter pretending to be a boy to try and groom a girl as Jacinta Brooks, 41, he asked a 12-year-old girl to se nd indecent pictures of herself – the third time she/he is known to have targeted children after he had previously been released in 2003 for similar offences and is a danger to children #AceNewsDesk reports

WA MP Steve Irons has called for the death penalty for paedophiles and people who continually abuse children

WA MP Steve Irons has called for the death penalty for paedophiles and people who continually abuse children

Do you agree with him ?

We here at FACAA believe in extremely harsh sentences for child abusers and sex offenders including prison terms for the rest of their natural life, without the possibility of parole and in our version “without the possibility of parole” means just that, never to be released.

Federal Western Australian MP Steve Irons has called for the introduction of the death penalty for paedophiles and “people who continually abuse children”. Mr Irons made the call during a debate in federal parliament on the introduction of laws to establish a compensation scheme for victims of sexual abuse.

The MP, who grew up as a ward of the state and has been a key campaigner for a redress scheme for victims of institutional child sex crimes, said he understood the idea wouldn’t get far, but it was still a “personal passion”.

Mr Irons said in an interview on Tuesday that both he and his wife grew up in families that suffered from either sexual or violent child abuse.

“We’re both strong believers that once an adult has crossed that line, it’s like crossing the Rubicon,” he said.

It is beyond incredible to hear of an MP with this type of background, who realizes that child abusers cannot be rehabilitated and is willing to speak out about it. We at FACAA salute you Mr Irons.

“Once they’ve done it, they’ll continue to do it no matter what and, whether it’s alcohol-induced or whatever it is, those children should never be returned to their abusers at all.
“What country in the world says the abuse and rape of a two-year-old child is acceptable?

“Everyone’s too scared to say, I don’t care what culture they come from, or what race or ethnicity they are, they need to go to jail for the rest of their life and never be in contact with a child ever again, or – should I say it? – put to death.”

In parliament, Mr Irons referred to the case of a seven-year-old girl who died in 2007 after her parents kept her as a prisoner in the filthy room where she “died a slow and torturous death”, according to NSW police.

“She wasn’t in an institution, but she starved to death in a home in New South Wales under the care of her own parents,” Mr Irons said in parliament. “We have heard the many stories about institutional child sex abuse over the last 10 years.

“They are often reflected in private homes around Australia as well, for which there is no form of redress at all under the system. After our achievement today [the introduction of a redress scheme], we need to look at child abuse in private homes and how the children continue to be returned to the abusers.”

On Tuesday Mr Irons said about child abuse,”It’s a dark, tragic shadow on the history of Australia”. “To me, the shameful thing is that it’s still happening,” he said. “It hasn’t only happened in institutions, it’s happened in family homes around Australia.

Wow, yet again an incredible insight into child abuse from an MP, I must say I am impressed.

“Some of the things fathers, step-fathers and even mothers have done to their own children in the supposed sanctity of their own home is terrible and it’s still continuing today.”

On Wednesday, Western Australia became the final state to join a $3.8 billion national redress scheme that will cover more than 90 per cent of eligible child sexual abuse survivors.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says WA Premier Mark McGowan had given him a firm commitment that the state will join the scheme.

A statement from federal opposition leader Bill Shorten said Labor was disappointed the redress scheme would start one year later than was recommended by the Royal Commission and that the cap on redress payments was lower than recommended.

Mr Irons said work had commenced on a national apology to victims of institutional child sexual abuse, which Mr Turnbull would deliver later this year.

We at FACAA have heard from many, many survivors of non-institutional child sexual abuse who feel like they have been forgotten.

The national apology and redress scheme is a big step forward, but it will still be focused solely on those who are survivors of institutional abuse. Those who are survivors of non-institutional abuse will still be left feeling a little forgotten.

However it still should be treated as a great step forward for survivors of child abuse.

If only every MP thought like this, FACAA may not even need to exist. Sadly, he is the exception to the rule and very far from the majority like he should be.

So what do you think FACAArmy? What are your thoughts on paedophiles, repeat child abusers and the death penalty.

Even though we are well aware there is very little chance of having this brought in legally due to the fact that consecutive bi-partisan governments have rejected the idea, we would love to know your opinions.

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who prostituted a 12 year old girl to hundreds of men🤔😏

Gary Devine who prostituted a 12 year old girl to more than 100 men has been released from prison early thanks to “good behaviour”

Gary John Devine, the man described by the parole board as never been able to “remain offence free”, the man who prostituted a 12 year old girl to hundreds of men, (including former Tasmanian mayor Terry Martin), making thousands of dollars (including making a bonus $50 from the child raping scumbags if they didn’t want to wear a condom !), has not only been released early by the parole board because of good behaviour, but has also been allowed unsupervised day release from prison for the past 2 years !

Yeah he did all of that. He hasn’t been without a conviction for most of his adult life, but this is a man who should be released early for good behaviour.

Well done Tasmanian parole boards!
Seriously, take a long hard look at yourselves in the mirror after making these decisions. If he re-offends surely you must be held accountable for playing your part in any future crimes he commits ?

The Parole Board said the outrage was justified but despite acknowledging Devine has never been able to “remain offence-free for any sustained period of time”, granted him parole and did not make him serve out his 10-year sentence.

Devine, now 59, was convicted in 2010 of prostituting the 12 year old girl at a city hotel and his own home in Chapel St, Glenorchy, and sharing the proceeds with the girl’s mother.

When sentencing him to 10 years’ jail, Justice Peter Evans said Devine’s actions had resulted in a lifetime of disease and physical and mental suffering for the girl.

“The stark and straightforward reality is that the defendant caused a child of 12 years of age to be subjected to sexual intercourse with in excess of 100 men,” he said at the time.

Devine had advertised the girl in The Mercury newspaper as “18 years old and new in town”, knowing she was in fact only 12. Over a four-week period from August 2009, the girl had sexual intercourse with more than 100 clients.

Only one of those men — former Tasmanian MP Terry Martin — was prosecuted. He was given a 10-month wholly suspended jail sentence in 2011. Of course he was, to think he didn’t know she was 12 years old is insane. He knew what he was doing but still he gets handed a wholly suspended sentence due to his community involvement.

The court heard Devine took the bookings, recording them in a diary and was always at the unit when the girl was with the men. Devine charged them $100 for 30 minutes and an extra $50 if the customer did not wear a condom and is estimated to have made thousands of dollars from the dealings.

Although he was sentenced to 10 years’ jail, he was eligible for parole after eight years and unsupervised day release in the community for 2 years before that. So tell me again how long he served “behind bars” ?

Despite the shocking nature of his crimes, Tasmania’s Parole Board decided he had earned that early release.

“The offending attracted, and rightly so, considerable community condemnation,” the board noted.

The girl, now in her 20s, did not provide the board with a fresh statement of how Devine’s crimes had affected her; instead, the board used an earlier statement she gave at sentencing.

“It is clear from that statement that the crimes committed by the applicant had a devastating impact on her,” the board said.

“It caused her estrangement from key members of her family and adversely affected her social relationships.

The effect this case would have had on the girl can never be overstated and for the parole board to simply dismiss this and allow early release is despicable. It literally slaps her and every other survivor right in the face.

The Parole Board found Devine had been of good behaviour while inside, holding positions of trust within the prison and had been complying with the terms of his “re-integration leave” over the past two years.

But it noted his reintegrating into the community would be “challenging” and that Devine’s record of prior convictions “demonstrates an inability to remain offence-free for any sustained period of time”.

Devine will not be able to consume alcohol or illicit drugs, or enter a licensed premises during the two years he is on probation. He made threats to harm the girl in taped phone calls while on remand before his eventual sentencing.

In a bid to stop Devine coming into contact with his victim, he will be subject to a curfew and will not be allowed to associate with his co-offender — the girl’s mother, who was released in September last year after serving 7 years of a 10-year sentence.

Yes because that will stop him from hurting the poor girl….

Ok I am about to let fly here so I am sorry for the lack of professionalism you are about to see.



This vile, horrendous thing should have never been released. The fact that they set him free early is a slap in the face to survivor’s everywhere !

If only the young girl could be released as easily from the trauma she has suffered at his hands.

Portions of the above post were cut and pasted to preserve the integrity of the facts.

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