Consistency. What does this word really mean in life? What are the only constant things in life?

Many people will say “change”; sure, what else?

To me, consistency is my identity or in simple words, my name; the only consistency among all the other inconsistencies that I’ll go through in life. Everything in us changes, it doesn’t matter if we want those changes or not. It comes naturally in the different stages of life and we hardly notice it. That’s some smart trick life knows how to play really well. But the only thing that remains with you is your name. It sticks to you forever even after you die (in some cases people change their names too. So that is going to be an exception).


Why am I talking about my name today? Because I want to share with you the philosophy that connects my life and my name in a very weird way. Sometimes when I’m alone at home doing nothing, I think of very stupid stuff like “what if the sky was green” or “what if the world was actually black and white”. I like to make my own answers to these questions, even if they are horribly wrong and very stupid.


Coming back to my name, many people ask me what my name means. Most of the time, this is the first question that I get asked when I’m socializing with someone. Whenever I get asked this question, it reminds me of somebody who meant a lot to me because we connected through this question; but that person is no more in my life for many obvious reasons; but we will talk about that some other time.


My name is a never-ending path that is guarded by tall leafy trees on both sides. I find it a very strong coincidence that my name is what defines my life. The trees being my confidence and faith that protects my belief and the nt at all proud when I say this but in a very young age I really have witnessed situations and circumstances that most of the people of my age has not, yet. I had to take very difficult and ugly turns because I had no choice. Few incidents are the reason I’m saying all this today is because I want to make a point. The last three years of my life has been terrible and there were moments when I decided that this was the limit and I’m gonna give up, whatever happens let it happen. But today when I look back, I feel that was wrong in so many ways. If I really did give up that moment, I would not have been writing this now. It would not have been possible to share my experience with you guys. I did not give up but just like my name, I kept on walking on  the never ending road of life and I haven’t yet stopped. And you must never stop either.


Why is it important to keep on moving forward? Very simple logic. When we start climbing a mountain, the view that we get to see from the bottom ain’t that thrilling. But as we keep on moving up, the view around us keeps on getting prettier. The more high we go, the more beautiful everything seems. Same with the road of life. You will never know what beautiful destinations are awaiting you until you keep on moving ahead. In life, whatever situation you’re in, good or bad, you’ll always have two options in your hand. To stay there and to move ahead. Now, there are few moments where you need to stay for a while to inhale the essence of the moment, but you must also know how long you need to stay because you have to walk ahead anyway. Learn to keep a hold on time.


So that was my life’s connection with my name which is an exact replica of myself.

Now it is your turn.Take some time and think about the ways that connects your life with your name. I’m sure you’ll find out because the only consistency that you’ll ever have is your name and your life in itself.


One day I said to my Father
Where do you think I came from
He gazed into my eyes towering over me
He was an awesome sight with his olive skin and blue eyes
Dad smiled that lopsided look, when he was going to try to make something up.
As a kid you know those kinds of look when he was trapped
“Well, girlie.I was walking through the orchard when all
The flowers were smiling
There was a Fairy flying in and out the blossom smiling at me
Just the same way you smile and laugh.
Fairy landed on my palm of my hand.
That was when you came into the world
With the most beautiful blue eyes and 4 teeth ”
Believe or not I believed that story until I was 19 years old
The rest of that story is one of my secrets
Mim x


We pray for a United world with tolerance

Understanding among all humans

We pray for an end to all Wars

The aleviation of suffering 

The healing of sexual abuse

An end to the subjugation of women

The abolition of animal crulety 

We shall respect and honour the earth and mankind

We pray for global awakening of HUMANITY

VICTORY for the forces of Light

The fulfillment of the Divine Plan

May peace follow you wherever you venture

May the sunlight shine on you ALL THE DAYS OF YOUR LIFE



You’re not going that way
Freedom has no chains
Run and dance in the rain
Save your soul for you never allow any one to steal your heart
Respect is earned not deserved
Those who have given their all never regret falling in love
When the person you says ” Sorry I don’t have time” walk away don’t look back you are unique and your story hasn’t started yet.



Fall in love, let it be to a friend.
Someone who can see all the joy and the laughter you have and just by who they are, help you to find that place within you. Life is too short to live unloved. But you have to be strong so find someone who you can live without but you can’t resist.
Someone who sees all the pain and the scars and your darkness but can stand with you in midst of a storm. Darkness comes from you or him or just from the heartache and unanswered questions of the world so find a man who can overcome his own darkness and hold you when you need to be held.
Find a man who can forgive because he’s made his own mistakes but who’s not afraid to say he’s sorry.  Cherish him only if he drives you pursue greater heights, he makes you crazy, and he ignites all of your passion.
Let your love be a river, steady and calm yet still raging and deep. Then you’ll have found a love that holds true when it breaks upon the rocks, that carries you when you jump from its heights, and that sustains you through your soul . Mim x


Just live in the moment. Yesterday is gone tomorrow is nothing.
Reality is the minute of reality you live in.
Be grateful for each moment you have.
Be grateful to all , be kind to all living matter on earth. Time is your gift use it wisely .
Fear is non existent all.
Practise silence, share your food, patience , love and caring .
Is this a perfect world , No .
It is every person on earth to care for all living creatures, that’s our role together.
Fear is our inability to accept ourselves . Accept your Race we all bleed red blood.
Just accept folks religious backgrounds that you may not agree. Let other folk go around their world without judgement.
Perhaps all of this may give you peace and FEAR WILL NOT BE PART OF YOUR LIVES . t



🔹The Paedophile ring discovered in the Woods Royal Commission that they refused to investigate.
🔹In 1995 they had a Royal commission into NSW police corruption and they found they had to widen it to include organised paedophile networks.
It appears the police corruption included activities in paedophile networks.
Uncovered was list of 28 alleged paedophiles, which former Senator Bill Heffenan claimed had not been investigated by the Wood Royal Commission because of concern it may tarnish the reputation of the judiciary.

🔹Read the story of The Woods Royal Commission-

🔹John Edward Hatton is former Australian politician, the allegations about police corruption Hatton raised in Parliament resulted in the 1995 Wood Royal Commission.

He used parliamentary privilege to expose organised crime in the Griffith mafia, police corruption and malfeasance within government departments and agencies. In 1994, by 46 votes to 45, he forced the minority Fahey Government to establish the Wood Royal Commission into Police Corruption.
In 1995, the Commission received letters patent widening the terms of reference to include investigating the activities of organised paedophile networks in New South Wales, the suitability of care arrangements for at-risk minors and the effectiveness of police guidelines for the investigation of sex-offences against minors.
This ground-breaking royal commission overcome objections from the Independent Commission Against Corruption, led to widespread reform of the NSW Police Force and the establishment of the Police Integrity Commission. (1)

🔹Because of brave John Haton campaigning for a Royal Commission into Police corruption, a lot was uncovered. Including the alleged list of VIP paedophiles former Senator Bill Heffernan wanted investigated.

🔹Franca Arena was right on the mark
For those whose memories do not extend back to the mid-1990s, Arena was a Labor politician in the NSW upper house, who gained national attention in 1996 when she named two people – judge David Yeldham and former state MP Frank Arkell – as potential paedophiles.

At the time, a royal commission into the NSW Police Service headed by Justice James Wood was in full swing, but Arena and others believed it was not doing enough to look at people in high places.

Along with fellow Labor MP Deirdre Grusovin, Arena promised to name at least two Sydney men in a parliamentary speech, and the next day asked why the commission had not investigated Judge David Yeldham or Frank Arkell, State MP and former Wollongong Lord Mayor.

FRANCA says Bob Carr, Peter Collins and James Wood Conspired to protect paedophile politicians and judges….by not revealing their names.

She says the cover-up was to stop public confidence in the judiciary and parliament being under mined….

FRANCA says a NSW politician is a paedophile and used Parliament House as ..and I quote…His private red light district.

Now they are shocking claims……and they have been denied by BOB CARR and the other people FRANCA named…

But before long, Yeldham was revealed to have lived a double life as a homosexual, and he took his own life on November 4, 1996.

Frank Arkell was horrifically murdered on June 26, 1998 in his Wollongong home. Arkell’s head was beaten in with a bedside lamp, the electric chord tightly wrapped around his neck. A wooden stake was lodged in his neck, and tie pins were driven deep into his eyes and cheeks, the murder was committed in rage.

Police revealed that Arkell had been arrested for child pornography and paedophilia, but was acquitted just 6 months before his death.

A fortnight after another Illawarra man, David O’Hearn, was killed in equally brutal fashion in his Albion Park home.
The family of David O’Hearn admitted their suspicion that O’Hearn was a homosexual. The police believed they had their motive.

The perpetrator in both cases was a 19-year-old, Mark Valera, who claimed that both men had propositioned him sexually, and that he had been abused by his own father. (2&3)

🔹Bill Heffernan and the list of 28 high profile Paedophile’s.

So from the Woods Royal Commission came a list of 28 very high profile men accused of child abuse. Senator Heffernan said the list formed part of police documents that had been “signed off” by Gary Crooke, QC, the former senior counsel assisting NSW’s Wood royal commission into police corruption in the 1990s.
Heffernan says Judges and even a ex PM’s name is on this list

So what did Bill say in parliament February 2016?

Senator Insists Royal Commission Investigate Institution of Law
Says Family Court Cover Up Similar to Church and Other Institutions
Legal System Infested with Pedophiles and Pedophile Enablers

…To give an idea of the intensity of this: the first person on the list [of alleged paedophiles] is a former Prime Minister; the second person is a political party heavyweight; the next person is a very senior business person; the next person is a senior judge; the next person is a Supreme Court master; the next person is Justice Yeldham, who, sadly, has passed away. He should not have suicided. Everyone knew what he was up to.

The next guy on the list is a local court magistrate; the next guy is a former president of the Law Society; the next one is John Marsden, who has passed away; the next one is a judge, the guy who used to go to Marcellin College; the next guy is a QC; the next guy is a barrister; the next guy is a barrister; the next guy is a barrister; the next guy is a barrister; the next guy is a QC; the next guy is a barrister; the next guy is a QC; the next guy is a senior partner of a law firm; the next guy is a senior solicitor of a law firm; the next guy is a barrister’s clerk—and so it goes on. (4,5,6)

🔹Senator Heffernan asked Attorney General George Brandis to consider pursuing the “institution of the law” through the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

He said “disturbing” documents he had given to the commission chief executive Phillip Reed included a list of 28 alleged paedophiles, which he claimed had not been investigated by the Wood Royal Commission because of concern it may tarnish the reputation of the judiciary.

“We have in Australia sadly a compromise at the highest of levels. There is a former prime minister on this list and it is a police document.

“I think it is time, like our churches and our other institutions who are now facing up to the truth, I think it is time the institution of the law faced reality,” he said.

Senator Heffernan said the 28 people had determined to “keep each other’s secrets” and this had compromised the institution of the judiciary. (7)

“Up to $14 million a year had been paid to police and politicians to protect illegal gambling and other criminal activities,” the Woods royal commission found. “Organised crime was extensively conducted with the co-operation, protection and direct assistance of certain NSW police; and that certain officers were heavily involved in organising a variety of crimes, including drug trafficking, prostitution and armed hold ups.”
The Woods royal commission saw a total of 284 police officers adversely named, 46 briefs of evidence were sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions and by 2001 nine officers had pleaded guilty to corruption offences and three not guilty.

Seven police officers received jail sentences, including the former Gosford drug squad chief Wayne Eade and Fowler.




4.Excerpts from:
44th Parliament, First Session Feb. 24, 2016 [p. 31 – 33];fileType=application%2Fpdf#search=%22chamber/hansards/af5e9bce-9bd9-45dc-bd87-c1d5218a5d66/0000%22
[to be continued next session]

5.Previous post with link to video of Senator Heffernan speaking:



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