Consistency. What does this word really mean in life? What are the only constant things in life?

Many people will say “change”; sure, what else?

To me, consistency is my identity or in simple words, my name; the only consistency among all the other inconsistencies that I’ll go through in life. Everything in us changes, it doesn’t matter if we want those changes or not. It comes naturally in the different stages of life and we hardly notice it. That’s some smart trick life knows how to play really well. But the only thing that remains with you is your name. It sticks to you forever even after you die (in some cases people change their names too. So that is going to be an exception).


Why am I talking about my name today? Because I want to share with you the philosophy that connects my life and my name in a very weird way. Sometimes when I’m alone at home doing nothing, I think of very stupid stuff like “what if the sky was green” or “what if the world was actually black and white”. I like to make my own answers to these questions, even if they are horribly wrong and very stupid.


Coming back to my name, many people ask me what my name means. Most of the time, this is the first question that I get asked when I’m socializing with someone. Whenever I get asked this question, it reminds me of somebody who meant a lot to me because we connected through this question; but that person is no more in my life for many obvious reasons; but we will talk about that some other time.


My name is a never-ending path that is guarded by tall leafy trees on both sides. I find it a very strong coincidence that my name is what defines my life. The trees being my confidence and faith that protects my belief and the nt at all proud when I say this but in a very young age I really have witnessed situations and circumstances that most of the people of my age has not, yet. I had to take very difficult and ugly turns because I had no choice. Few incidents are the reason I’m saying all this today is because I want to make a point. The last three years of my life has been terrible and there were moments when I decided that this was the limit and I’m gonna give up, whatever happens let it happen. But today when I look back, I feel that was wrong in so many ways. If I really did give up that moment, I would not have been writing this now. It would not have been possible to share my experience with you guys. I did not give up but just like my name, I kept on walking on  the never ending road of life and I haven’t yet stopped. And you must never stop either.


Why is it important to keep on moving forward? Very simple logic. When we start climbing a mountain, the view that we get to see from the bottom ain’t that thrilling. But as we keep on moving up, the view around us keeps on getting prettier. The more high we go, the more beautiful everything seems. Same with the road of life. You will never know what beautiful destinations are awaiting you until you keep on moving ahead. In life, whatever situation you’re in, good or bad, you’ll always have two options in your hand. To stay there and to move ahead. Now, there are few moments where you need to stay for a while to inhale the essence of the moment, but you must also know how long you need to stay because you have to walk ahead anyway. Learn to keep a hold on time.


So that was my life’s connection with my name which is an exact replica of myself.

Now it is your turn.Take some time and think about the ways that connects your life with your name. I’m sure you’ll find out because the only consistency that you’ll ever have is your name and your life in itself.


One day I said to my Father
Where do you think I came from
He gazed into my eyes towering over me
He was an awesome sight with his olive skin and blue eyes
Dad smiled that lopsided look, when he was going to try to make something up.
As a kid you know those kinds of look when he was trapped
“Well, girlie.I was walking through the orchard when all
The flowers were smiling
There was a Fairy flying in and out the blossom smiling at me
Just the same way you smile and laugh.
Fairy landed on my palm of my hand.
That was when you came into the world
With the most beautiful blue eyes and 4 teeth ”
Believe or not I believed that story until I was 19 years old
The rest of that story is one of my secrets
Mim x


We pray for a United world with tolerance

Understanding among all humans

We pray for an end to all Wars

The aleviation of suffering 

The healing of sexual abuse

An end to the subjugation of women

The abolition of animal crulety 

We shall respect and honour the earth and mankind

We pray for global awakening of HUMANITY

VICTORY for the forces of Light

The fulfillment of the Divine Plan

May peace follow you wherever you venture

May the sunlight shine on you ALL THE DAYS OF YOUR LIFE



You’re not going that way
Freedom has no chains
Run and dance in the rain
Save your soul for you never allow any one to steal your heart
Respect is earned not deserved
Those who have given their all never regret falling in love
When the person you says ” Sorry I don’t have time” walk away don’t look back you are unique and your story hasn’t started yet.



Fall in love, let it be to a friend.
Someone who can see all the joy and the laughter you have and just by who they are, help you to find that place within you. Life is too short to live unloved. But you have to be strong so find someone who you can live without but you can’t resist.
Someone who sees all the pain and the scars and your darkness but can stand with you in midst of a storm. Darkness comes from you or him or just from the heartache and unanswered questions of the world so find a man who can overcome his own darkness and hold you when you need to be held.
Find a man who can forgive because he’s made his own mistakes but who’s not afraid to say he’s sorry.  Cherish him only if he drives you pursue greater heights, he makes you crazy, and he ignites all of your passion.
Let your love be a river, steady and calm yet still raging and deep. Then you’ll have found a love that holds true when it breaks upon the rocks, that carries you when you jump from its heights, and that sustains you through your soul . Mim x

Mark Harvey who sexually abused 4 children and raped a child in his out of hours school care program, is eligible for parole after only 6 years behind bars.

The childcare worker whose crimes ruined the childhood of four girls and revealed systemic government failure in dealing with sex abuse cases is eligible for release next month.

Sadly both the SA government and opposition have taken a “wait and see” approach to Harvey and his release. This approach has angered every child advocate out there including longtime friend of FACAA Hetty Johnston of Bravehearts who said sex offenders “should not be taken lightly”.
“These aren’t people who steal your car, they destroy human lives,” she said.
“Politicians seem to take this really lightly, which I don’t understand at all given society expects them to ensure dangerous predators aren’t released into the community.
“We should never keep people in jail longer than needed, but nor should we be allowing sex offenders out until they pose a low, or better yet no, risk to the community.” – Well said as always Hetty.

Harvey, 47, began offending against children in his care in January 2007. As the leader of a suburban school’s OSHC he rewarded children with lollies and physical contact so he could condition them to be receptive to his touch.

His crimes included blindfolding victims for sexually-explicit “taste tests” and softly biting their toes to satisfy his foot fetish. His offending continued until December 2011, when he was arrested and charged with a sex crime committed 12 months earlier.

Funnily enough the SA education department chose NOT to tell parents about Harvey’s offending, they cited suppression orders and due process for not telling parents but the fact is none of that was in place and they should have told them !

The way this case was handled kicked off the Debelle enquiry, which was an inquiry by retired Justice Bruce Debelle. It found the Education Department had been wrong to keep those details from parents. It further uncovered multiple communication failures between the department and the then-Weatherill Government in its handling of child sex cases.

To make matters much worse Harvey was convicted of all crimes in May 2014 but made eligible for release in May 2015, prompting an appeal by the Director of Public Prosecutions. Thankfully it succeeded and he was resentenced to 11 years jail – his non-parole period was extended until August 2018.

We are not exactly sure how that works, an 11 year sentence having a 4 year non parole period but it was a LOT better than the original sentence of not even a year behind bars, that he originally received.

Parole Board chair Frances Nelson QC confirmed Harvey “will be considered for parole” in the ordinary course – which included assessment.
“He will be interviewed by the Board before any decision is made,” she said.
“I cannot give you a time frame but, the way we are going and because of our workload, it probably won’t be for a few weeks.”

So here he is a child sexual assaulter who betrayed the trust of vulnerable children in an horrendous manner, being released after just 6 years behind bars, that’s barely 1 year per child that he horrendously abused !

His original conviction was hidden from the parents of the school that he worked at and then he was given only 1 year behind bars. Thankfully on appeal 1 year became 11, but just who does this guy have dirt on to get all this preferential treatment ?

Thank god for the Debelle enquiry ! Without it the SA state government would more than likely still be covering up child abuse cases in it’s departments !

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Damen Stephens has finally been sent to prison after being found guilty of child exploitation material, stalking and stabbing offences. Why did it take so many charges to put him away ?

Damen Stephens has finally been sent to prison after being found guilty of child exploitation material, stalking and stabbing offences. Why did it take so many charges to put him away ?

Oh yeah he also bit his mum on the thumb so badly it literally mutilated it and then came back and set her house on fire.

Damen’s offences began all the way back in 2012 when he stalked a fellow psychology course alum in his Melbourne university course. Imagine if the system had come down as hard as they should have back then, all these crimes could have been prevented.

He approached the woman and addressed her by name, even though she had never met him before. It would later be revealed he first saw the victim on a tram in Chapel Street a year earlier. By July 2014 the victim’s repeated request to stop him messaging her over social media had failed and the court granted the victim a personal safety order.
But this only made Stephens’ messages aggressive, and they now totalled several thousands words.

“Just a red rag to a bull,” he wrote.

“You’re worth me spending the rest of my life in prison for.

“You shall become the hunted.”

Eventually our system took it seriously and police raided his house, when they did they found 519 images and 27 videos of child exploitation material. Sadly he was not sent to prison for these charges as we all know what our legal system thinks of child exploitation material charges.

After the raid the stalking messages ceased until August 2016 when Stephens’ messaged the victim saying: “I’m more on edge than I have ever been” and “my entire life is dedicated to destroying yours”. He also referred to her home address and her mother. He was soon arrested and charged but in May 2017 was released on bail. During this trial his defence team tried to have his child exploitation material charges suppressed as they thought it would have him targeted during the prison sentence. This request was thankfully rejected.

Once again Damen stopped stalking his victim, for a while…. Five months later the messages became even more aggressive with Stephens’ saying his life was dedicated to slicing her face off and “my life for yours”. So everytime they let him out he stops for a while then eventually starts up again. DOES THIS NOT TELL YOU TO SIMPLY KEEP HIM BEHIND BARS ?

On October 6, Stephens was living with his mother as part of his bail conditions when he began assaulting her after a fight about her pet dogs, biting her thumb so hard it was partially severed before he left the house. Hours later he returned.

This time setting the house on fire, causing $420,000 damage, while filming the act and sending it to his stalking victim. Imagine her fear when she viewed the video of this maniac burning down his mother’s home… but yes let him out of prison one more time… that was a great idea.

The court heard that on the following night, October 7, Stephens’ was seated at a table outside St Kilda Cellars in Fitzroy Street when he called the men sitting nearby “f—wits” and lunged at them with a 30-centimetre knife in front of other members of the public.

Two men were stabbed in the arm and one in the stomach, back and torso as well. One of the victims underwent surgery to remove part of his tricep muscle and needed 22 stitches. The entire attack was caught on CCTV.

Stephens’ was arrested two days later and charged with stalking, committing an indictable offence while on bail, possession of child pornography, arson, failure to answer bail, contravention of a personal safety order and intentionally cause injury.

He sat silently throughout his sentencing and looked only at the judge. Since his most recent arrest he has shaved his head and grown a long, white beard. Ms Hannan sentenced Stephens, who pleaded guilty, to 11 years and one month in jail with a non-parole period of eight years. He must also pay a $1600 fine and will be placed on the sex offenders’ register for eight years.

So finally a decent sentence, one that might actually make him think twice about offending against his stalking victim again (we say might but we doubt it very highly) however we can’t help but wonder, what if the initial judge would have just done this in the first place ?

Shouldn’r the judges and parole boards who let Stephens out of prison be charged with accessory to the stabbing crime ? Considering if not for their actions the crime would never have occurred in the first place ? …. Ahhh if only hey

Isn’t it time our legal system took stalking and child exploitation material charges as seriously as they did the assault charges ?

Why don’t they take these charges seriously ? is it because the stalking and child exploitation material possession happened in secret and not publicly ? The stabbing offences were very public as was the system’s reaction.

Ok so let’s make child exploitation material and stalking charges made very public ! Let’s make it well known when someone has been convicted of these offences, so we can get a good sentence finally !

Yeah we doubt it will happen too… Should happen but then again a parole board who release a psychopath against advice should be charged with accessory charges to any crimes they subsequently commit.

If our system had taken child exploitation and stalking charges seriously Stephens mother’s home would still be standing and no one would have been stabbed. When is our legal system going to recognise the seriousness of pre-cursor offences ?

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It’s okay to fall down now and then – what matters is that you get back up.💥💥

It’s okay to fall down now and then – what matters is that you get back up.

As survivors and supporters of survivors of abuse, we are inundated with messages that praise strength. Social and mainstream media all seem to portray strong willed, resilient people as heroes, people to look up to and imitate. Of course, that is very true but it can also be very tiring to keep on being strong when inside you feel like everything is spinning out of control.

I am sure that I am not the only one who has soldiered through the day, proclaiming to be fine, then cried in the shower, been unable to eat, woken petrified in the dead of night from nightmares and so on. I can well recall many times when I felt so sick and tired of being strong, and just wanted to give up completely. Those who call me strong don’t know about the times when I still lay awake for hours with my heart and mind racing, or about the silent tears I shed. Almost every other survivor or supporter that I have spoken to admits to much the same things.

Let’s make it clear though – getting through abuse and being strong is not about never feeling depressed or angry, it’s not about being permanently in control and calm. It’s about facing and accepting all of the self doubt, the fear, the frustration, anger, trauma and pain and deciding that those things are not going to beat or define you. It is not a straight or easy path to follow and there is no map or GPS to guide you, but you struggle on anyway, sometimes taking wrong turns and getting lost but always finding your way back eventually – that is surviving.

Whether you have lived through abuse yourself or you are supporting someone who has, self care is very important. You cannot be there for others or for yourself without being kind to yourself.

Some of the things that you can do to help you deal with stress, trauma and anxiety are; practice mindfulness – living in and appreciating the moment, eat well and regularly, get some exercise, get outdoors for a while each day, go barefoot, do something you enjoy, learn to appreciate being alone and quiet sometimes, be creative, listen to music, accept the support of others, avoid negative people, try to get enough sleep, speak to your GP if you are struggling and need some professional help. Most of all, don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help. There will be days when even getting out of bed seems like an insurmountable hurdle – celebrate the little victories unashamedly.

We all fall down sometimes, what matters is that we get back up and grow stronger from it. Life may not be easy but it is worth it. One step forward and two steps back doesn’t have to
be a failure, just make it part of the dance. (GE)

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Brian McHugh 💣💣

Brian McHugh pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting a child. Magistrate Koula Kossiavelos kept him out of prison, off the sex offenders register and ordered tax payers to pay $3000 to cover his travel costs to court…. WHY ?

Brian McHugh a Christian brother who indecently assaulted a 9 year old student in his care by his own admission has not only avoided a prison sentence for doing so, but also avoided being added to the sex offender’s register and even somehow has gotten his travel costs covered by the taxpayer.

I bet you feel great knowing that thanks to Magistrate Kossiavelos $3000 of your tax dollars went to funding the flights of a convicted child abuser. If it were a wrongfully convicted person I could understand the state footing their travel bill but this guy was convicted ! How the hell does that work ?

A court says Brian Anthony McHugh should be compensated because of SA Police’s delays in prosecuting his “unfortunate, one-off” crime.

In sentencing Adelaide Magistrate Koula Kossiavelos said McHugh had spent his life “serving the disadvantaged” and was “guilt-ridden” by his actions.

“It’s a difficult situation when one is dealing with child sex offending,” she said.

“However, McHugh has led an exemplary life — more so than others — and his likelihood of reoffending is nil”.

“He does not require rehabilitation.”

McHugh, 69, of Maylands in WA, pleaded guilty to one count of indecent assault.


Child abusers ARE NOT people of good character and for a magistrate to say that one has lived an exemplary life more so than others, just shows she doesn’ get it. Whether it is 1 victim or 20, he has abused a child and does not deserve credit for not abusing more.

If he was really “guilt ridden” he would have handed himself in ! Someone who is “guilt ridden” doesn’t go about their days as per normal like nothing at all happened ! Someone who is guilt ridden doesn’t initially plead innocent, they apologise and beg forgiveness from their victim and their family !

The offence occurred more than 30 years ago, in the school’s sports shed, where McHugh — then the hockey coach — had sent the boy as a punishment. Brevet Sergeant Amanda Sparnon, prosecuting, said McHugh assaulted the boy from behind.

“McHugh forced him to remain in a bent-over position … (the boy) could hear his heavy breathing but McHugh did not say anything,” she said.

“The force of McHugh’s assault was so great it brought (the boy) to his tiptoes … he felt worthless, vulnerable and ‘like nothing’.” She said McHugh denied the offending when he was first interviewed by police. Someone who is “guilt ridden” does not lie about the offending when asked about it. Magistrate you could not have gotten this one any more wrong if you tried, so I must wonder, what is it about this case that you are so willing to basically let him off with less than a slap on the wrist, in fact he came out of this case with a $3000 payout !

The Sergeant urged the court to place McHugh on the national sex offenders register and ordered he serve a prison term. Barrister David Edwardson QC, for McHugh, said his client had earned only a meagre wage as a Brother, (how does someone on a “meagre wage” afford a QC ? It appears someone is looking out for him ), and had lost his job due to the court case. He said McHugh had no prior convictions of any kind and was highly regarded by friends and the Brothers. He urged the court to act “as mercifully as possible”. Well Mr Edwardson the court did just that, maybe that’s how he did it. Maybe Magistrate Koula Kossiavelos listens to QCs, maybe she likes the work of the Christian Brothers.

“This is an isolated, one-off offence, there was no skin-to-skin contact, there was no ongoing conduct and only one victim,” he said. (That you know about)

His QC went on to say “This is a man who was drawn to the ideals of helping those less fortunate, and that is effectively what this man has done his entire life. “He does, through me, publicly apologise … patently, he poses no danger to the community and there’s no justification for a custodial sentence.”

Hold up, he didn’t even apologise himself ? He got his lawyer to apologise for him ? Come on, how can that possibly be called the actions of a man who is “guilt ridden” if you really are so racked with guilt you would at least make the apology yourself ! This is getting more and more ridiculous by the minute !

Mr Edwardson asked SA Police be ordered to pay McHugh more than $3000 to cover his expenses, which included the cost of flying to Adelaide from WA.

Ms Kossiavelos said the boy suffered ongoing trauma into adulthood, resulting in a loss of self-confidence and a failure to reach his full potential in life. She said he continued to feel “put down” and “humiliated” by the indecent assault.

So she knows that this is not a victimless crime and even acknowledges the pain and suffering this Christian Brother has caused, yet still she agreed immediate imprisonment was not warranted for McHugh.

“This was an unfortunate incident, but it was a one-off incident,” she said.


How dare you say this is an unfortunate incident, the only unfortunate thing is it took so long to come to court and that you chose to let McHugh off scott free.
Clearly you have no clue about child abuse or the pain it causes to those who survive it !

Magistrate Kossiavelos imposed an eight-month jail term, suspended on condition of a 12-month, $500 good behaviour bond. She declined to place McHugh on the sex offenders register and ordered police to pay his travel costs.

It is not often a convicted sex offender is left off the register and I did not believe it could be possible in this case but sadly it is, sadly she really did let him totally off the hook and then ordered that tax payers foot the bill for his travel expenses.

What has this nation come to ? What depths has our legal system fallen to that we now reward child abusers by paying their travel bills even though they are found guilty, we used to send them to prison and put them on the sex offender’s register. Now apparently we don’t.

This decision is an insult to child abuse survivors, the police involved in making the arrest, the public defenders and most of all to the little 9 year old boy who has spent his life trying to recover from this “unfortunate one-off incident” perpetrated by a man of such good character who has led such an “exemplary life” that he not only deserved to avoid prison and the sex offender’s register but apparently also deserved to be financially compensated . This surely is a bad joke.

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Convicted child sex offender Daniel Holdom has pleaded guilty to the brutal murders of Karlie Jade Pearce-Stevenson and her 2 year old daughter Khandalycl

Convicted child sex offender Daniel Holdom has pleaded guilty to the brutal murders of Karlie Jade Pearce-Stevenson and her 2 year old daughter Khandalyce.

In a truly horrific case Daniel Holdom has pleaded guilty to the horrendous murder of his former girlfriend 20 year old Karlie Jade Pearce-Stevenson and her 2 year old daughter Khandalyce.

This pathetic coward Daniel Holdom has also been found guilty of the sexual assault of an 8 year old girl at a caravan park on the central coast in 2013. This was no where near his first offence- nor his last.

In September 2008, Holdom was behind the wheel of a car when it crashed between Alice Springs and Adelaide, leaving his female passenger wheelchair-bound and her two children dead.

Holdom also has a conviction for breaching an apprehended violence order in 2001. Court records show how he stalked the terrified woman in his car, waiting outside her home.

And on another occasion, in Coffs Harbour, he followed her to a children’s day care and school, screaming at her before blocking the road so she couldn’t get away.

In 1999 Holdom assaulted a woman, he crept into her room and tried to smother her with a pillow before ­attempting to strangle her. Holdom also tried to put duct tape over her mouth to suppress her screams. The assault, for which he was convicted in 2000, is horrifyingly similar to the murder of little Khandalyce.

So we have to ask, just how much evil does one person have to commit before they are considered unfit to ever live in our society again?
Surely this guy has reached the level of ‘NEVER TO BE RELEASED’.

::::::TRIGGER WARNING:::::::

In our opinion anyone who could sexually abuse an 8 year old girl is capable of literally anything, there is no moral line they haven’t already crossed… so there is literally nothing stopping them from doing it again, or worse !

So, it should come as no surprise to hear that Holdom waited until one week before he was due to face trial over the double murder, to plead guilty. The pathetic coward dragged it out as much as humanly possible, causing the family to suffer through much more grief and agony. He waited until literally the last minute before he appeared in the NSW Supreme Court on Tuesday morning, to enter an 11th hour guilty plea to the murders of Karlie Pearce-Stevenson and her toddler little Khandalyce Pearce.

The 42-year-old was in a short relationship with Ms Pearce-Stevenson and the pair left Alice Springs in the Northern Territory together, with Khandalyce, in late 2008. While the couple was staying at Holdom’s relative’s house in Canberra’s northern suburbs, he lured Ms Pearce-Stevenson to Belanglo State Forest in NSW’s Southern Highlands on December 14, 2008.

Court documents show Holdom stepped on the 20-year-old mother’s throat and crushed her windpipe before leaving her body in the forest. He also took photographs of her body. Those graphic images were found by a woman known to Holdom on an SD card years later. What kind of monster is this guy, murdering and then taking photos of the body of his dead girlfriend.

The skeleton remained in the forest, which gained a notorious reputation as serial killer Ivan Milat’s dumping ground, for two years before motorbike riders discovered the bones on the Red Arm Creek in August, 2010. NSW Police went to great lengths to try and identify the remains.

A facial anthropologist was brought in, Interpol records searched and images of a T-shirt found near the skeleton — with the word Angelic printed on it — were released to the media. At the same time, Ms Pearce-Stevenson’s family, who didn’t know she was dead, were leading their own search. The family had lost contact with the young mother, a keen netball player who was nicknamed Mouse as a child, and they were desperate to hear from her.

However, it would be another five years before Ms Pearce-Stevenson was identified in a remarkable DNA breakthrough. After Holdom murdered Ms Pearce-Stevenson, he returned to Canberra and traded in her maroon-coloured 1986 Holden Commodore for another car.

On December 19, 2008, he left Charnwood in Canberra with Khandalyce and claimed he was travelling to South Australia to drop her at her grandmother’s house. Instead, he drove to Narrandera, near Wagga Wagga, and checked into a motel with the blonde-haired toddler, affectionately known to family and friends as Khandles.

Holdom, who drifted in and out of jail since his 20s, bought duct tape, dish cloths and garbage bags from a supermarket on the way. According to the Crown case statement tendered in court, Holdom killed the little girl before putting her body in a suitcase. He drove towards South Australia, where he dumped the suitcase on the side of a desolate highway near Wynarka, in the rural Murray Mallee Region.

Seven years later, in July, 2015, a passing motorist found the suitcase by chance. He noticed a small jaw bone among a pile of tattered clothing and called police. It took three months of public appeals and police releasing images of the clothing found in the suitcase, before investigators finally discovered who the little girl was.

In October, 2015, someone called Crime Stoppers claiming they had a photograph of a little girl named Khandalyce with the same distinctive quilt that was found in the suitcase. South Australian Police retrieved Khandalyce’s medical records from her home town in Alice Springs and were able to match the records to a DNA profile extracted from the bones found in the suitcase.

The focus then turned to the whereabouts of Khandalyce’s mother, Karlie Pearce-Stevenson.

Pulling Ms Pearce-Stevenson’s medical records allowed investigators to match them against the DNA profile from the bones found in Belanglo State Forest years earlier. It was a sensational development linking two unsolved crimes in different states but some of the most disturbing details were yet to be uncovered.

Within days of identifying the mother and child, police had their sights on Ms Pearce-Stevenson’s former boyfriend, Holdom. He was already in Cessnock jail, serving a jail term for sexually assaulting an eight-year-old at a caravan park on the Central Coast in 2013. In a six-hour police interview canvassing 2000 questions, Holdom changed his story on several occasions, only increasing police suspicions.

Days later, Holdom contacted NSW homicide squad detectives, claiming he had examined his conscience and wanted to come clean. He told police his friend had dropped the mother and daughter at a bus stop in 2008 and he never saw them again.

In a second interview, Holdom offered to go “Crown witness.” Unbeknown to him, the evidence was mounting against him. So this child sexual abusing, woman and child murdering scumbag, is also a lying rat.

Police already had mobile phone records putting him in the Belanglo State Forest area around the time Ms Pearce-Stevenson was killed. It was later uncovered that more than $70,000 had been siphoned from Ms Pearce-Stevenson’s bank account after she was murdered.

Her Centrelink payments were stolen and a woman in a wheelchair pretending to be Ms Pearce-Stevenson turned up to a credit union in Adelaide’s northern suburbs in 2010 with her identity documents.

Ms Pearce-Stevenson’s mobile phone was also used in the years after her death to contact her family in messages and phone calls that provided a false sense of security that she was safe and well. Her mother Colleen Povey, who died from breast cancer in 2012, filed a missing persons report with NT Police in 2009.

But the case was closed five days later after someone purporting to be Ms Pearce-Stevenson called her mother and said she was fine. The decision to close the missing person investigation was a mistake because Ms Pearce-Stevenson had not been physically sighted, the court has previously heard. As a result the fraud, fake phone calls and cover-up of the murders continued for years.

Holdom was eventually charged with two counts of murder in 2015.

This monster must never be released from prison, he has proven again and again, that he cannot be trusted around children…. or anyone else for that matter !

Rest in Peace Karlie Pearce-Stevenson and little Angel Khandalyce. We will fight to keep your killer behind bars for a very long time and your names will be added to the list of reasons why we will never stop fighting to protect our children !

Fly high angels.

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