When you are an orphan

You have no one to miss you

Mim x

Mysteriously beautiful, A little Naughty Your greatest nightmare Or to loyal Will you ever know What is behind those eyes Take your chance Promise, you will never know What you missed




Consistency. What does this word really mean in life? What are the only constant things in life?

Many people will say “change”; sure, what else?

To me, consistency is my identity or in simple words, my name; the only consistency among all the other inconsistencies that I’ll go through in life. Everything in us changes, it doesn’t matter if we want those changes or not. It comes naturally in the different stages of life and we hardly notice it. That’s some smart trick life knows how to play really well. But the only thing that remains with you is your name. It sticks to you forever even after you die (in some cases people change their names too. So that is going to be an exception).


Why am I talking about my name today? Because I want to share with you the philosophy that connects my life and my name in a very weird way. Sometimes when I’m alone at home doing nothing, I think of very stupid stuff like “what if the sky was green” or “what if the world was actually black and white”. I like to make my own answers to these questions, even if they are horribly wrong and very stupid.


Coming back to my name, many people ask me what my name means. Most of the time, this is the first question that I get asked when I’m socializing with someone. Whenever I get asked this question, it reminds me of somebody who meant a lot to me because we connected through this question; but that person is no more in my life for many obvious reasons; but we will talk about that some other time.


My name is a never-ending path that is guarded by tall leafy trees on both sides. I find it a very strong coincidence that my name is what defines my life. The trees being my confidence and faith that protects my belief and the nt at all proud when I say this but in a very young age I really have witnessed situations and circumstances that most of the people of my age has not, yet. I had to take very difficult and ugly turns because I had no choice. Few incidents are the reason I’m saying all this today is because I want to make a point. The last three years of my life has been terrible and there were moments when I decided that this was the limit and I’m gonna give up, whatever happens let it happen. But today when I look back, I feel that was wrong in so many ways. If I really did give up that moment, I would not have been writing this now. It would not have been possible to share my experience with you guys. I did not give up but just like my name, I kept on walking on  the never ending road of life and I haven’t yet stopped. And you must never stop either.


Why is it important to keep on moving forward? Very simple logic. When we start climbing a mountain, the view that we get to see from the bottom ain’t that thrilling. But as we keep on moving up, the view around us keeps on getting prettier. The more high we go, the more beautiful everything seems. Same with the road of life. You will never know what beautiful destinations are awaiting you until you keep on moving ahead. In life, whatever situation you’re in, good or bad, you’ll always have two options in your hand. To stay there and to move ahead. Now, there are few moments where you need to stay for a while to inhale the essence of the moment, but you must also know how long you need to stay because you have to walk ahead anyway. Learn to keep a hold on time.


So that was my life’s connection with my name which is an exact replica of myself.

Now it is your turn.Take some time and think about the ways that connects your life with your name. I’m sure you’ll find out because the only consistency that you’ll ever have is your name and your life in itself.

One day I said to my Father
Where do you think I came from
He gazed into my eyes towering over me
He was an awesome sight with his olive skin and blue eyes
Dad smiled that lopsided look, when he was going to try to make something up.
As a kid you know those kinds of look when he was trapped
“Well, girlie.I was walking through the orchard when all
The flowers were smiling
There was a Fairy flying in and out the blossom smiling at me
Just the same way you smile and laugh.
Fairy landed on my palm of my hand.
That was when you came into the world
With the most beautiful blue eyes and 4 teeth ”
Believe or not I believed that story until I was 19 years old
The rest of that story is one of my secrets
Mim x


We pray for a United world with tolerance

Understanding among all humans

We pray for an end to all Wars

The aleviation of suffering 

The healing of sexual abuse

An end to the subjugation of women

The abolition of animal crulety 

We shall respect and honour the earth and mankind

We pray for global awakening of HUMANITY

VICTORY for the forces of Light

The fulfillment of the Divine Plan

May peace follow you wherever you venture

May the sunlight shine on you ALL THE DAYS OF YOUR LIFE



You’re not going that way
Freedom has no chains
Run and dance in the rain
Save your soul for you never allow any one to steal your heart
Respect is earned not deserved
Those who have given their all never regret falling in love
When the person you says ” Sorry I don’t have time” walk away don’t look back you are unique and your story hasn’t started yet.



Fall in love, let it be to a friend.
Someone who can see all the joy and the laughter you have and just by who they are, help you to find that place within you. Life is too short to live unloved. But you have to be strong so find someone who you can live without but you can’t resist.
Someone who sees all the pain and the scars and your darkness but can stand with you in midst of a storm. Darkness comes from you or him or just from the heartache and unanswered questions of the world so find a man who can overcome his own darkness and hold you when you need to be held.
Find a man who can forgive because he’s made his own mistakes but who’s not afraid to say he’s sorry.  Cherish him only if he drives you pursue greater heights, he makes you crazy, and he ignites all of your passion.
Let your love be a river, steady and calm yet still raging and deep. Then you’ll have found a love that holds true when it breaks upon the rocks, that carries you when you jump from its heights, and that sustains you through your soul . Mim x

Cut Diamond is dedicated to my man

“how many roads does a young man have to travel on before he finds his way to discover how unquestionably unique he is “

Mim x

Child Abuse

Founder Of Nation’s Largest Christian Music Festival Gets 18 Years For Molesting Little Girls
Pastor Harry Thomas cried when he was sentenced to 18 years in prison for sexually assaulting multiple pre-teen girls.

Thomas, founder of the Creation Festival, billed as the nation’s largest Christian music festival, was sentenced to 18 years in prison Friday after sexually assaulting four minors and having “inappropriate interaction” with another.

The corrupt pastor pleaded guilty in February to raping one pre-teen girl and sexually assaulting three others between 1999 and November 2015. He also pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of a fifth girl.

The 18-year sentence includes no possibility of parole, which means the 75-year-old pastor will most probably die in prison.

After being sentenced the Thomas wept in the courtroom. The crying pastor referenced a Bible verse ( Luke 17:2) and apologised for his heinous actions, saying:

I’m very sorry for the pain I’ve caused. I agree with the scriptures. It would be better for a millstone to be hung around my neck and be cast into the sea. That’s what I deserve.

But survivors and their family showed only contempt for the sexual predator. One survivor, who detailed her emotional pain and suffering as a result of being sexually assaulted by the pastor, said in a statement read on her behalf:

I hate you.

Another angry survivor called the pastor a “scumbag,” declaring:

Harry Thomas, you surely will rot in hell.
And the father of one of the victims said:

This person (Thomas) is a ravenous wolf. He is one of the greatest hypocrites — a child molester masquerading as a pastor.

In one day, our entire lives were turned upside down.

The aunt of one girl opined:

What fools we all were. You used the fact that these kids loved you. You groomed them all and us, too.

The Courier-Post reports County Prosecutor Stephen Life said the pastor targeted victims for repeated assaults between the ages of 5 and 12.

Life said:

Up until the age of puberty, they were repeatedly touched.

The prosecutor said the girls and their relatives are “suffering tremendously,” adding:

The amount of hurt, the amount of confusion, the amount of sadness, the anger, it’s unbelievable.

Bottom line: Pastor Harry Thomas, the founder of the nation’s largest Christian music festival, cried when he was sentenced to 18 years in prison for repeatedly sexually assaulting and molesting pre-teen girls.

Founder Of Nation’s Largest Christian Music Festival Gets 18 Years For Molesting Little Girls

Maintain the (out)rage

Maintain the (out)rage FACAA

Here at FACAA we see and hear of new horror stories daily. From news outlets, inboxes to the page and people contacting us personally we are exposed to a never ending stream of cases of child abuse and neglect. Yes, that takes a toll on us – we are all volunteers and most of us are also survivors still battling our own demons, but we keep fighting because it helps us to heal when we can help others to heal and because we believe that children are worth protecting, nurturing and empowering.

We recognise and appreciate that many of our followers are also survivors of abuse and/or love someone who is. We know how hard it is for you to keep seeing and sharing our posts and we thank you for your support and strength.
Many times we are asked “How can I help?” and my answer for now is “Maintain the outrage” – I don’t mean allow the anger and pain to consume you, I don’t mean turn into an army of vigilantes. If we want real changes we have to do it through the right channels, breaking laws will only see further protections put into place for offenders and the shutting down of charities such as ours.

What we can all do though is to not be silenced – keep sharing posts, keep making reports of children being harmed, keep writing to media outlets and politicians, keep being a welcome support to those going through the trauma of abuse.

We know we are making a difference ! We have changed laws with your help with your rage, your voices raging have changed social attitudes, you’ve changed the way police speak about child exploitation material, your voices have yelled so loudly they have encouraged survivors to come forward and seek life changing help so don’t think that your rage your voice is not making a difference because it is.

We know it can get frustrating but like the posts, share them, make sure you are seeing the page’s posts as priority (Facebook likes to set us to see rarely please switch the option to see first !) if anyone on your friend list asks why tell them “Because we MUST end child abuse once and for all ! We all know that no one just “gets over” abuse, we all want to see abusers locked away, we all want to protect and empower Aussie kids so work with us – help us to raise awareness and fight for real legislative changes. Survivors know the pain of other survivors and there are so many of us – together we are a mighty voice, a force to be reckoned with (GE)

#fromhellwerise #nevergonnastop #likethunderweroll #ProudFACAA #FACAA #voiceforthevoiceless #hopeforthehopeless #guardiansoftheinnocent #saveourkids #legislativechange #bethechange #MaintainTheRage #WeWilLFight #Fight #StandUp #DoSomething #TakeAStance #JuliasJustice #NeverGonnaStop #Rage #Anger #Riot

Ruecha Tokputza has pleaded guilty to 51 child sex offences including raping 11 babies as young as 15 months old !

Ruecha Tokputza has pleaded guilty to 51 child sex offences including raping 11 babies as young as 15 months old !

An Adelaide man violated 11 babies and boys, some as young as 15 months old, in Australia and overseas and shared his crimes online, In one of the state’s worst cases of sex tourism. This is why we at FACAA supported Derryn Hinch’s calls to take the passports from child rapists in an effort to stop people exactly like Tokputza here !

Ruecha Tokputza groomed Australian and Thai children for sex, then filmed their torment to encourage fellow predators to follow in his footsteps. He amassed a vast collection of thousands of images and videos of child exploitation, adding to it by attending an Adelaide swimming pool and filming boys as they changed.

Tokputza, 30, of Mile End, appeared in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on last Friday by video link from Mount Gambier Prison. He was arrested in January following a joint investigation by Australian Federal Police, SA Police, NSW Police and Interpol.

However, his identity — and all details of his case — were automatically suppressed by state legislation banning publication of child sex offence matters until the case is committed to a higher court.

The brave investigators who ended Tokputza’s depraved six-year crime spree have compared the scale of his abuse to notorious Families SA paedophile Shannon McCoole. The AFP initially charged Tokputza with six offences, adding a further 51 in September and an additional 17 counts in November.

Last Friday, Commonwealth prosecutors told the court they would drop 23 of the counts in exchange for Tokputza’s confession to the remaining 51 offences. Who makes these decisions to drop so many charges ? What about the children featured in these charges ? Where is their justice ?

Craig Caldicott, for Tokputza, said there was no need to read the charges to his client. “It’s ‘guilty’ to all 51 counts — I’ve spoken to him only 10 minutes ago and reaffirmed my instructions,” he said. “Ordinarily I would provide the court with a signed copy of those instructions, but my client is down in Mount Gambier.”

Papers tendered to the court, show Tokputza pleaded guilty to 17 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a person under the age of 14. Those counts, as well as six aggravated counts of indecent assault, all relate to the same Australian victim, who Tokputza repeatedly abused over a six-year period.

He also pleaded guilty to two counts of committing sexual acts upon, and five counts of having sexual intercourse with, children outside of Australia.Those counts, together with three counts of persistent sexual exploitation of a child, relate to Tokputza’s trips to Thailand between January 2014 and November 2017.

All of his victims were boys, and while the identities of some — aged 15 months, 18 months, four and seven — are given in the documents, others are simply said to be “under the age of 16”. Tokputza further admitted indecently filming boys under the age of 17 as they dressed “within a swim centre change room” on May 21, 2017 — the location of the centre is not disclosed.

He pleaded guilty to one count of accessing, nine counts of transmitting, one count of possessing and one count of producing child exploitation material. That material, together with one count of distributing child exploitation material overseas, relate to Tokputza’s personal collection of images and videos.

Court documents show Tokputza was in possession of “12,500 image files” and “650 video files” of “known child exploitation material”. Much of that material featured his Australian and Thai victims, which he also transmitted to perverted, like-minded offenders in both countries.

These court documents reveal Tokputza used an online messaging app to transmit both still images and video files to fellow child sex predators. He also used the app to discuss offending with those men, talking about “guys having sex with guys”.

I am so very glad this horrific monster has been stopped, he simply must never be released from prison ever again ! He has absolutely no remorse, no compassion, no soul ! He can never again be allowed to be anywhere near children, the way he encouraged other child raping monsters to follow in his footsteps, shows that he thinks what he is doing is a good thing… worthy of copying ! Anyone with that view of child rape is not fit for release… ever !

In one conversation, he encouraged another man to visit Thailand and “engage in sexual activity with children under the age of 16” That constituted another Commonwealth offence, to which Tokputza also pleaded guilty.

Magistrate Jayanthi McGrath remanded him in custody to face sentencing submissions in the District Court in January. SA Police and the AFP declined to comment on the investigation because Tokputza has yet to be sentenced.

We at FACAA want to thank the AFP and SA Police for taking this monster off the streets, we now only hope Magistrate Jayanthi McGrath keeps him behind bars where he belongs for the rest of his life !

Someone capable of raping toddlers and encouraging others to do the same, should never be given the chance to re-offend.

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #RuechaTokputza #RapeTourist #SexTourist #SA #SAPOL #SAPolice #Thailand #Thai #ChildMolestation #BabyRapist # #WeWillFight #StandUp #NeverGonnaStop #SaveTheKids #EndingChildABuse #RaisingAwareness #ChangingLaws #HealingSurvivors #ChangingLives #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HOpeForTheHOpeless #ChildrensChampions #PhoenixProgram #TakeAStance #JuliasJustice #RealWork #Charity