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In days of yore there were very able dyers in Marwar or Rajputana. They would give seven
colours to the sari or clothes of ladies. After washing the cloth one colour will fade away. Another
colour will shine. After some washing a third colour will manifest in the cloth; then a fourth colour
and so on. Even so the mind is coloured when it associates with the different objects of the world.
When the mind is Sattvic, it has white colour; when it is Rajasic, it is tinged with red colour; when it
is Tamasic it has a black colour.
The mind plays with the five senses of perception and gets experiences in the waking state.
The impressions are lodged in the causal body or Karana Sarira. Ajnana or causal body is like a
black sheet of cloth. In it are contained the Samskaras of all your previous births.
The mind is ever rotating like a wheel. It receives the different sense-impressions through
the avenues of the senses.
In the dream state the doors or windows of the senses are shut. The mind remains alone and
plays. It is the subject and it is the object. It projects various sorts of objects like mountains, rivers,
gardens, chariots, cars, etc., from its own body from the material collected during the waking state.
It manufactures curious mixtures and marvellous combinations. Sometimes the experiences of the
previous births that are lodged in the causal body flash out during the dreaming state.
Remove the colouring of the mind through meditation on Atman. Do not allow the mind to
run into the sensual grooves. Fortify yourself by developing the Vijnanamaya Kosha or intellect
through Vichara or enquiry of Brahman, reflection and contemplation. The Vijnanamaya Kosha
will serve the purpose of a strong fortress. It will not allow the sense-impressions to be lodged in the
causal body. It will not allow the impressions of the causal body to come out. It will serve a double
You will be free from dreams through meditation on the Supreme Being or Brahman when
the colouring of the mind has been removed.
Brahma Jnanis or Sages have no dreams.
May you all attain the Turiya or the fourth state of eternal bliss, which transcends the three
states of waking, dream and deep sleep!