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Falling in love with somone across a crowded room

When your eyes touch for that instant you know beyound doubt 

You have found magic seconds, tinkling in your body

Feels you have found them for the very first time , 

The other half of yourself

Love is everything, scary, confusing, laughing, happiness, pain, doubts, shyness, never having to say sorry. 

Love is sharing, caring, touching, silence, music,

Sharing the sights of waterfalls, star’s in the sky, 

Love is never arrogant

Love is not chains around your neck

Love does not take your freedom away

Love never feels uncomfortable 

Maybe that is your vision

Or maybe that’s my dream, who knows

Mim xx

One day I said to my Father
Where do you think I came from
He gazed into my eyes towering over me
He was an awesome sight with his olive skin and blue eyes
Dad smiled that lopsided look, when he was going to try to make something up.
As a kid you know those kinds of look when he was trapped
“Well, girlie.I was walking through the orchard when all
The flowers were smiling
There was a Fairy flying in and out the blossom smiling at me
Just the same way you smile and laugh.
Fairy landed on my palm of my hand.
That was when you came into the world
With the most beautiful blue eyes and 4 teeth ”
Believe or not I believed that story until I was 19 years old
The rest of that story is one of my secrets
Mim x